Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chloe went for a grooming session!

She can really post for pictures now... When I say: "Chloe! Picture time!"

She will tilt her head to the side.... and smile for the camera!

She can also wink!

She's really good in the car as well. Sat there quietly while I drove her there.. only naughty thing she did was urinating on the sofa after the grooming session as she was afraid to do it in the groomer's room.

She was trying to hide cos I was scolding her...

But I forgave her after she looked really cute and sorry...

Who can resist Chloe? Haha! :D
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hairband Craze


Just finished feeding Chloe her breakfast...

Even though I'm not working, I still have to wait up at 6am++ to feed my baby dog. Talk about commitment! Luckily she does not cry in the middle of the night like a human baby.. if not I might strangle her.. =X

Anyways, I'm in a hairband craze recently, and lemme tell you.. when I am mad about something, i really go mad.

Like eating chicken rice non-stop for 2 whole weeks, or eating golden kiwi non-stop for 1 whole month. It's either extremity or nothing for me... :P

So today, on my 5th day of MC.. I'm gonna do a post on my hairbands! Took the effort to put on makeup cos I don't wanna scare people with my horrible pale face.. :)

These are the ones that are on display right now.. I have more hidden "somewhere" in one of my countless storage boxes.

Before I start taking photos of the hairbands, I wanna show you my hair! :D

I cut it shorter during May before I start on my new job.. and now it's growing back steadily! Super happy!

The longer my hair grows, the more I can curl it and the prettier I'll be! Bwahahahahaha!

Ok, I tried to take a "over the shoulder" shot.. but of course.. I failed miserably. Fat arms, fat chin, fat tummy, fat back, fat everything! Have to change position....

And ta dah! I don't look so fat.. heh heh! :D

Feather hairband from Korea~

Crazy "Lady Gaga" hairband from Forever21
Only wore this once for my previous company's D&D

From my No 1 fave shop, Minikin :)

From my No 1 fave shop, Minikin :)

From my No 1 fave shop, Minikin :)
Same design, different colours!

From my No 1 fave shop, Minikin :)
Wany nicknamed this one: "Pink Party Princess Clip"

Pink Rose hairband from Korea~

Panda Hairband from Everland, Korea
Initially bought this for my sis, but I forgot why I kept it..

I'm not posing with all my hairbands cos there's too many... and I also wanted to show you guys some of the cute rubber bands I have.... ^___^

Minnie Mouse Rubber-bands from Tokyo Disneyland
Comes in a set of 3. The 3rd one is a shape of Minnie's head.

Jewel hearts rubber-band from Korea's Doota

Hello Kitty scrunchie from Hokkaido

Okie, I gotta go comb Chloe's fur, before eating some bread and popping medicine then back to bed. Need to go out and extend my MC again, and maybe meeting Wany for lunch.

Wany says it's her birthday wish for me to accompany her today to go and buy stuff.. Hope Pipimon lets me out cos he don't really like me to wander around when I'm sick... but I'm cooped up for so long and it's really boring at home.. so I shall cajole him to let me out later. :)
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Wany-Chan!

It's Wany's actual birthday today! 16th July 2010~

She turns 24 before me, and she's sad that she cannot call herself 23++ anymore... heh heh heh!

I'm supposed to be home, but a girl gotta eat even though she's sick right!? So I prettified myself, curled my hair and went to Centrepoint to meet her for dinner!

Initially she wanted to go to a hotel for buffet, but she called several hotels and they were all fully booked! Than she smsed me and complained that Singaporeans are so rich nowadays, even the $78++ dinner is fully booked..!! =.=

So we decided to go to Crystal Jade Korea Ginseng Chicken Restaurant to have dinner. We didn't know they had buffet here until I spied the little white papers on the table... So sneaky! If you never spot the paper, you won't know they are having a buffet special of S$29.90++ per pax!

The menu includes:
All you can eat Korean dishes (side dishes and main courses), claypot soups and BBQ meat! Super worth it...! I'll definitely go back again..!!

As usual you can see me cooking here, I love to cook/BBQ stuff! :)

I can't really eat the BBQ stuff cos I'm still sick.. But I'm happy to cook for the birthday girl!

And of cos, Wany loves to eat stuff I BBQ! So we are a perfect match! :D

You can choose beef, fish, chicken, pork, mutton and mussels. These are the free flow dishes.

As for the non-refillable items, we had a bowl of ginseng chicken and 1 piece of prawn each.

Ginseng chicken is good for my cold! :)

As I didn't wanna jeopardize my recovery, I chose the mackeral! Fish is good for healing right?

And I also drank copious amounts of kimchi and soya bean paste soup... Wany say I soup-siao..

After the dinner, I asked the grouchy waitress to take out the mini cake I bought for her to celebrate her birthday....

How can consider a birthday dinner without blowing candles?? I brought my own lighter and light the candle and Wany was so surprised to see it cos I don't smoke...

Well, Wany darling.. one can have a lighter without having to smoke.. :P Always prepared!

Make a wish!

I told her she has to finish the whole thing by herself cos I purposely chose a mini one and it's tiramisu (i don't take alcohol).. But after the buffet dinner, she was too stuffed to finish it by herself so we tapao-ed the cake home in the end. Wahahahahahhaha!

Thanks for asking me out for dinner and letting me accompany you for your birthday! ^____^

Best friends forever!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Queen Gang's Reunion!~

Going out soon to meet Yaya & Joyce at Pan Pacific for dinner... We're leaving the house early so we can go and walk walk first.. Super sian of being couped up at home cos of my cold.. :(

Here's how my Fred Perry dress looks like~!

Bought it on during my tai-tai days few months back.. Wore it to my sister's band performance at Victoria Theater but didn't had a chance to take a nice pic with it.

Love my hair! :)
Haven't cut it in 2 months and it's growing fast! Happy Happy!!

Went out for dinner at Pan Pacific's Global Kitchen with Yaya, Joyce and Pipimon..

Honestly, the food was not great. It's merely passable, borderline fail. But the good thing was, we got the dinner for free! This is because I waited 30mins for them to refill the stupid Cookies and Cream icecream and asked 3 different chefs to do so and no one bothered.

When they finally top up the icecream, there was no Cookies and Cream! They replaced it with some other dodgy flavour! Stupid thing is, they did not change the "Cookies & Cream" tag on the fridge..

So after Pipimon chided the manager and made a fuss about it, we got the dinner for free~

Not much loss to the restaurant, since both of us didn't eat much.. I only ate fruits, 2 bowls of soup and a small small portion of chicken rice that wasn't very nice.

Very disappointing, but I think the standard is due to the 1-for-1 promotion for UOB credit card holders and also lots of tour groups having dinner there.

Super sub-standard. Please don't go.

Now, pictures time!

Me & Pipimon :)

Yaya, Joyce & Me!
(Money & Joel couldn't make it.... Haix.)

So we were at the toilet and wanted to wait for Joyce to come out so we can camwhore.. after waiting for some time, we went out and realized she's outside superglued to her phone (as usual).

Tsk tsk.

Than Pipimon suggested us going to St James cos I've not been there before (technically), and also since it's Movida's ladies night and each of us can get 5 free drinks...

Madness lah! So many drinks how to finish? Btw I drank orange juice cos I don't drink, I need to drive the car back and I am sick. Orange Juice = Vitamin C!

On the way there, he called Money and asked if she can join us... and she came! ^___^

Despite having so many drinks, she still go and open one bottle! This girl ah!!

Yaya wanna faint liao.. So many cranberry vodka!

As usual, they always wanna make Joyce drunk. Their No 1 aim! Hahaha!


After a few hours at Movida, Joyce need to go home as she has to work the next day.. so we went to Dragonfly to chill.

Yaya bought a party platter for me to munch on cos they were filling up on drinks and I had nothing to bite. Hahaha!

We were sitting at the VIP area, and Money disappeared to drink with the boss and Pipimon disappeared to go and chat with his friends... so poor Yaya & me are super lonely..

So big area, only 2 of us left =.=

So we self-entertain ourselves by taking lots of siao pictures~

Than Pipimon came back! :) hug hug!
I love this picture! Thanks Yaya!

He drank so much but still wasn't drunk.. I think he can win Money 3x over with the amount of alcohol he can drink... But I keep reminding him that alcohol is evil and it hardens your liver!

After 6 yrs since our last "clubbing session", it's a Queen Gang's Reunion! :)

Had some drama after the whole session between a coward shortie who's working at the club... which reminds me.. I have to go and write a complaint letter to St James's in charge and also file a report to traffic police online.
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

New shoes!

I wanted to buy another pair (same colour, same design) of a sequined ballet flats from Skechers cos it's super comfortable.. Dragged Pipimon all the way to TampinesOne cos Orchard Ion is too crowded.. and instead of 1 pair, he bought me 3! :)

He wanted to buy more, but I had to restrain and stop him cos I still have a few pairs of shoes that are brand new in their boxes waiting for me to wear them....

Excuse me Chloe! Don't be a kaypoh dog please!!

Here are my new shoes! :)
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Equinox Lunch~

Wany treated us to a ala carte buffet lunch at Equinox today! :)

There were 4 of us, including Jason and Pipimon. Two of her other friends couldn't make it as they were down with food poisoning....

Wany and Pipimon was surprised cos I wore stockings.... Aiyah! No big deal mah! It's just stockings! Not those Ah-Mah types k!? These are the thick thick ones!!


I was trying to shoot Pipimon with the banana. Hahaha!

Best friends for 10 years!! *gasps*

Pipimon had the jumbo prawns..

I had the fresh egg pasta!

Ooh! Equinox Ice cream!


Pipimon surprised to see my favourite kueh here... ^___^

Happy Pipimon!

Love the view!

Pipimon was watching the NDP Rehearsal and he was making fun of them cos they were marching in crooked lines... Asked him to give them some credit cos it's freaking hot outside and they had to repeat the marching sequences many times.. we even saw someone fainting!

Pretty pretty view!
I was telling them that LKY most probably planned to build the Esplanade and IR here 30yrs ago before they reclaimed the land here.. It looks too well planned to be something that was just approved recently.. LOL~

We can see Wany's office building from here! :)

I wrapped her present in her fave pink colour and star-shaped motif! :)

Glad she loves her present cos it costs a bomb. Wahahahahaha!

It's a limited edition Blythe Doll, "Kiss Me True".

Have a happy birthday Wany! :) Love ya!
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