Friday, August 31, 2012

My new Sony Walkman!

I went to the Comex IT Fair with Brendan yesterday and today.. I think we are going back again on Sunday too.. T_T" I have never went to any of the Comex Fairs before until I got together with him and we have visited all 3 Comex Fairs this year. 

It is full of smelly and dodgy people and I really don't like crowds.. But I put up with everything cos of him. Well, that's love right? You do things you don't normally do for someone you love. ^_^

Anyways, he bought what he needed and I also bought something! A Sony walkman! I wanted to buy a pair of wireless earphones when I work out at the gym cos I am super irritated by the swinging wires when I run on the thread mill, but this walkman is better! 

Champagne gold colour!

 It costs $129 and comes with all these stuff!
The portable charger alone retailing at $30.

 Carrying case that's specially made for the Walkman.

 See? So cool!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's in my bag?

Women in general will carry a handbag/bag cos we have so much stuff to bring. Men only need their phone, wallet & keys which they will stuff into their pockets (or into their girlfriend's bags).

In a way I think being a man is good in some ways. Very minimalist life. Even when going on overseas trips, my toiletries is easily doubled or tripled of le bf's. If I have a choice, I will still choose to be a girl. We have the excuse to buy stuff and indulge in ourselves because it's understood that women has the need to buy buy buy things and also to prettify ourselves. Usually when men do that, they will be labelled as 'gay', 'metro-sexual' or whatever.

Anyway, I have never done a "What's in my bag" post so I decided to do one today.

Below are the items that are always in my handbag...

The Coach wallet is a gift from Yaya, Joyce and Money for my 21st birthday. I've been using it ever since and though I tried changing to other wallets but I realized that this is still my favourite wallet. Blessings from my best friends. :)

I have two different headphones, my Sony walkman and my Jays earphones. The Sony is for gym and the Jays is to plug into my iPhone to listen to music when I am on the train. I just bought the Sony one at Comex and have used it a few times in the gym. It's water resistant so I can rinse it or wipe it with a wet cloth when I perspire.. also, there's no cumbersome wires that will flap around irritatingly when I run on the treadmill. I like!

I always bring my staffpass out even on my off days because I forgot to bring it to office a few times and it's super inconvenient as it contains the key to my drawer and 2 different passes which allows me access into the building and into the office. It is permanently in my handbag.

Girly stuff like lip gloss, hand cream and facial blotter. I also have tampons in my bag but they don't look very glam in pictures so I left them out..

Other miscellaneous items includes the Plantronics bluetooth earpiece that le bf bought for me, Sanyo Eneloop which belongs to le bf but I have commissioned it for my own use (heehee!), good luck charm, bag hook, hello kitty compact mirror, rubber band, house keys, Dettol wipes, tissue paper, Hello Kitty Swarovski pen that Yayin bought for me for my birthday last year, and of course, my ezlink card!

I seldom put makeup nowadays so I don't bring out my travel-sized cosmetics like I used to.

So.. what's in your bag? :)
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The bridesmaid dress!

I received the bridesmaid dress from Tabby already! She sent it out via Australia post on 27Aug (Mon) and I received it today! In just 2 days! OMG! Mad fast!! Than when I went to see the postage cost and it's freaking AUD60! OMG! That's almost SGD80 just to ship a dress over to Singapore!!
Tabby refused to let me pay for the dress or the postage fees. Tsk!
I am so honored that her wedding is the 1st time that I'll be a bridesmaid! 

She messaged me "Don't freak out when you open the package" when she just sent it. I realized why after I opened it cos it's so pink!!! Hahaha! But it's actually folded inside out, so it's fine. The colour is gorgeous and the dress's design suits me cos I am tall and fair enough. It's just a bit too bit so I have to alter it in December before the wedding next January in Penang. I am holding off the alteration till the last minute cos I want to lose more weight! I need to look good for my best friend's wedding! :)

Now.. here's the pictures of me in the gorgeous dress.. Nice not? ^_^
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Le bf is back from China!


Brendan went to China with his dad for business from 20th Aug till 26th Aug and I missed him like crazy!

He was quite reluctant to go initially as he planned to spend 20th Aug (Public holiday) with me as it's a rare weekday that we get off from work.. Moreover he had to miss 1 sleepover on Saturday night with me cos we had a special agreement where he will stayover every Saturdays with me until my shift changes again in November.. So it's kinda double whammy of sianess.

But anyways, he is back now! He touched down around 5pm yesterday and I cabbed over to his home and joined him and his family for a yummy home cooked dinner.

Super happy to see him and be held by him. 
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Chanel Earrings

I've always had a problem with earrings because I am allergic to nickel. It is a very common alloy in many earrings and it will cause my earlobes to swell and itch. I can only wear pure gold or titanium earrings which are not cheap.. And ever sine I lost one side of a pure gold earring (I am very careless & rough), I decided not to wear them anymore.. that's why I don't wear earrings even though I have a few piercings on my ears.

I think it's been almost 10years since I last wore any earrings.. But I really really love this pair of Chanel earrings! 

When I was in Paris last November and also this year in May, I tried looking for them in the shops but they did not have it. Not sure if it's an old collection or sold out.. 

I hope I can get my hands on one of these soon! :) But I'll have to make sure it doesn't have nickel if not it'll be a white elephant that I can only admire but not wear. 
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

My handyman can..


The toiletbowl in my toilet is horrible! Ever since I moved into this new place, I kept grumbling about it to Brendan.. I don't know where to buy a toilet seat cover but le bf knows where to find one, just that he didn't have the time to go and buy it for me..

Today he brought a brand new toilet seat cover to my house and fixed it for me!

Super sweet of him. ^_^ Love you dear dear!
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dinner with Yaya & Joyce

Dinner at Soup Restaurant than desserts at Fruit Paradise..
Souvenirs I bought from Myanmar and Perth!
Long overdue but better late than never! :)
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Job History


I was just thinking back on the jobs that I had for the past few years and out of all of them, I love my current job the most.

In fact, I think that the past 3 full-time jobs I had was actually training me to take on this job. I had experience in 2 local travel agencies plus got the opportunity to travel during my tourleading assignments. I also had experience in call centre work when I was in Apple Tech Support (though it was very short-lived). Combined all 3 and it's perfect for my current role working in Amex Travel as a call centre consultant.

Dealing with customers over phone and email are different from walk-in customers. In fact, I excel the best for walk-in customers. Also, a call centre environment is really stressful. Honestly, not a lot of Singaporeans can take this kind of stress.. that's why in Apple and over here, the majority of the employees are not locals. We are always plug into the phones waiting for calls to come in and we cannot just go off the lines as we wish. There's a strict schedule we have to adhere to based on the call projection and everything we do are tracked and monitored. 2 of my local colleagues quit last month and currently there are only a handful of Singaporeans left. Hiring and training staff is a challenge because some people have the technical skills but they don't have the soft skills, vice versa.

For me, I have the soft skills and my technical skills (in travel) is fairly good. I just need to study more on the flights and their rules because flight ticketing is a whole new world in travel. There's so many restrictions and rules we have to study and not all airlines are the same.

I am working 5 days a week and get the full 21 days annual leave and every public holiday that I worked I get allowance plus 1 day off in lieu. I am working the night shift for 6 months and if a PH falls on my work day, I can't take the day off so I get to clock quite a number of off in lieu days. I can never ever go on 3 long holidays in a single year in any of my previous employment.

In the first travel agency I worked at (quite obvious if you read my blog), I had to work 6 days a week including weekends and only received 10 days annual leave. We get a off in lieu during public holidays but no extra pay. My basic salary was so pathetic and I did not receive any commissions despite being Top 3 in sales every month... All these I can bear because I take it as "training", but the thing that made me leave was the evil people who spread horrible gossip about me because they felt threatened by my youth (I was the youngest full-timer in the office) and capability. And my manager went on maternity leave so she's not around to shield me from their evilness.. when she came back it was too late because I already couldn't take it anymore. I actually waited for her to come back before I quit because there's so much work to do and I didn't want to be so irresponsible. I owe it to her cos she's very nice to me and gave me a lot of advice and guidance. Well, she was headhunted by my current company and she introduced me in here to work.. so, all's well ends well! :)

At my last company (local travel agency), I had to work 6 days a week and they only gave me 7 days annual leave! That's the bare minimum as per MOM's law.. Worst of all, they don't allow us to take leave in the 1st year that you worked - which is honestly such a ridiculous rule and I am surprised no one challenged it except for me. Like seriously?! I always argued with my boss and manager that it is riddiculous that I have to 'earn' my leave for this year to use for next year. As an employee I am entitled to a certain number of leave a year (which is the bare minimum 7 days for them), so why do I need to wait till next year before I can use them? Commonsense will tell you that will make the company owe me 7 days and hold it over me until the day I resign so instead of 1 month's notice I only serve 3 weeks. Utter bullshit. Anyway the manager had a horrible ending (he ended in jail).. he was ultra 100% dodgy TTM and I've warned the boss many times of his dodginess and even showed him proof of his dishonesty but he refused to listen to reason. I gave up and quit because there's no hope in wasting time in a company who has so much tied up in family connections instead of capability. Yes, you can be the boss if your father set up the company.. but if you are not capable nor responsible enough, your employees will not respect you or listen to you because most of the things you say are bullshit.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Menya Musashi

Yummy dinner with my yummy bf. 
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

At Nathaniel's place

We went to meet Nat for dinner at a Zchar restaurant under his block. He's staying with A380 at Ubi now and the food there is super yummy!

We were preparing the decorations for his big day tomorrow.

BenBen posing with us!

Look at Nat's face! LOL!
The ball is so difficult to unfold lah! I actually tore it! Haha!

Brendan & BenBen

Brendan trying to make BenBen behave. Hee!
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sun With Moon (Wheelock Place)

Dinner date with le bf after his Japanese class at Sun with Moon.

They changed their menu! They have this fried beef with cheese thingy.

I ordered the Hot Plate tofu! Too sleepy to eat much.

I love love love their tofu cheesecake. Mad love!
I need to wake up at 5am tomorrow so I am going to bed now. Super sleepy!!
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Tabby!

Tabby came back for a short visit with Doug. :) 

Since she's only in Singapore for a few days, we did not have time to meet up and go for dinner as she had a lot of relatives to meet up.

Both Brendan and me went to her place after our movie marathon (We watched Total Recall and Bourne Legacy) for cake! Her sister bought her a very cool birthday cake and also a durian cake for us. 

Minion cake!
I thought the cake will be very dry but it turned out to be moist! :)

I bought her a teacup set and brought it to Perth when I went there to visit her.. but Brendan and I decided to get her another surprise birthday present together! We bought her a Hello Kitty Polaroid camera, 5 Hello Kitty films and a polaroid album! 

Well, it's thanks to Yaya who helped us buy it off Gmarket cos the website is so difficult to navigate.. She met us at Vivocity to pass it to us in the afternoon so I did not have the chance to take a photo of it . She joined us for a late lunch at JPot and afterwards she had to go back for dinner at the same place with her friends at 7pm! LOL!

She bought me Macadamia Nut cookies from Cookies Galore! I asked her to help me order and bring it over cos they don't do international shipping. It's so yummy! The best cookies in the world! Love it love it love it! ^_^ I'm gonna give Brendan's mama some cos she loves it too.

We stayed till over midnight to wish her Happy Birthday and left cos she had to fly back the next day.

Then.. Brendan stayed over at my place! We have a semi-permanent arrangement now where he's sleeping over at my place every Saturday! Wheee! He only stayed twice before.. Once when we both fell asleep after cuddling and he woke up at 4am and rushed home.. The other time was when his parents went overseas and he stayed over secretly. Hee! His parents always wake up around 4am and go for Qigong sessions at 5am so they will notice if he is not at home.

But now our Saturday night sleepover is legit cos he has his parent's permission! :) So for the next 3 months (until my shift changes again in November), he will pick me up from work at 3pm then we will go out for movie or meals then he will stayover.. Next day we will go to church together for the morning service then most likely have dinner with his family members at night.

This shift is the best shift ever! I work at 6am, finish work at 3pm and have Sundays & Mondays off! Moreover I get a cab charge card which means free taxi rides to work! :) I hope I get to be able to bid for this shift again.. ^_^
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Shyanne!

Say Hello to Le bf's god daughter!

She's born yesterday on 31 July, the same birthday as her mummy Jeraldine who is Brendan's best friend. It's not a coincidence because she chose to have a Cesarean birth and wanted to share a birthday with her daughter. 

Initially she did not know if she wants a natural or C-section but when we met up for the first time in January and I asked her lots of questions about her pregnancy and told her the difference between natural and C-section and she got frightened when I told her that a doctor will snip a woman's vagina if the dilation is not big enough and the baby cannot be pushed out. She told me that sentence made her so frightened that she went to read up and decided on C-section. Oops. =X

She went to Thomas Medical Hospital to have her baby and the carpark is horrible! They only allow valet parking and had super limited spaces! We had to illegally park somewhere else and walk over to the hospital. Sigh.

Shyanne's birth card in her cot!

New godfather! :)

She is so pretty!

Look at her pretty nails! She has perfectly formed fingernails! Pretty!

I love carrying babies! They are so soft and smell so nice!

Sleeping child~

Group picture! ^_^

I lent her my Polaroid camera and gave her some packets of films so she can take pictures of her visitors and her baby. We took one with Shyanne and it turned out perfect! Super nice picture. Love it! :)
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