Thursday, December 2, 2004

Missed my GEM registration!

WAH LAO!! I missed my first GEM (general elective module) registration, and have to go for the second appointment.

I really wanted to go for the Sun Zi's - The Art of War for Modern Day. But by the time i went in, NO MORE SPACES! -sobs- There were 160 seats (one of the largest class) and they were all taken.

urghhhhhh!!! Why do all those idiots vie with me! They know nothing. NOTHING about Sun Zi!! I read and read so much about the art of war, and i am so keen in going. WHY!!!!!!

ah. whatever. still got 3 more chances. i have to take 3 more within 2 years. so i hope i can get it. so i have to be contented with my FOURTH choice. Calenders & Astronomy.

hope it is as interesting (to me) as it sounds.
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Friday, November 12, 2004

Cleaned my room today!

I changed the layout of my room again.. shifted things around... :)




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Sister helping out at the minimart!

My little sister helping me to stack the drinks :)

Oreo sleeping in the corner with his fave dolphin! :)

We also cycled to PA's zchar and ordered some yummy food! I love my sister's company but she says very boring cos no computer and she's not coming anymore cos she rather stay at home! BOO!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2004


Went to Pasir Ris Park today, look for Phillip (bicycle shop manager) to talk about the minimart, and also saw Yinz.. brought Oreo along.. wanted to go earlier, but i was rotting.. so poor yinz was alone the whole day.. wahahahaa..

From thursday onwards i am going to work there during weekends and public hols.. loads of probs after i left the minimart.. business is bad bad bad.. suppliers not happy.. shop in a mess.. WHY CAN'T THAT IDIOT KOK handle such a small lil shop. A lot of things i have to do. Call suppliers, check the accounts, count stock.. WAHHHH!!!!!!!! and worst thing is, it's my dad who gave me this responsibility, so it's double the stress, cos i have to do a better than good job.

My sales target--- bring sales up to $12000 for Nov & $14000 for Dec.. around there lah.. higher better.. now currently sales only a miserable $6000 with debts of $8000. so something is wrong.. and my job/mission is to find out what, and find out fast.
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Saturday, October 30, 2004


Went kickboxing with money just now at Amore Eastpoint.

well, it proved one thing.. i can kick! KICK KICK KICK!

"okay ladies, right hand first.. punch punch punch block kick! move two steps back and go!"

at first i was so disorientated.. the classroom so warm.. so many people, and everyone was not in proper 'lines'..

but soon i began to pick up and enjoy the class.. hate the "jump and kick".. make me feel like an oversized hippo that cannot jump properly.. but i am glad money is there with me, cos one person is so super lonely.

Next week we are going for TWO lessons. =) Steps & HipHop dancing.. cos we found kickboxing kinda boring.. music too.. ehhh.. yucks. old techno music! shit man. hiphop music sounds more happening, cos we heard some snippets of it outside the classroom before our kickboxing lesson.

next week must remember to bring water! Very very important! both of us forgot.. silly us. can bath there also.. ahahhaa.. can't wait!
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Friday, October 29, 2004

Signed up for driving lessons!

Daddy & Aunty Judy brought me to Ubi's Comfort Driving School to register for my driving lessons!

The membership fee is $152 upfront to be a student, than a minimum of $300 for 5 driving lessons excluding the theory tests fees. Sibeh make money!

My basic theory test is on 8th Dec, have to mug for the test. want to finish the test before sch reopens on 13 dec!

If i am lucky, very lucky, i might be able to drive a car by Chinese New Year.

My dad is letting me drive his Toyota camry.. he is gonna buy a new car next year. but that camry is so damn bloody big.. damn scary. if i smash his car.. wahhhh.. whatever..

i have to fetch my bro from sch daily till he is sec 3 if my sch timetable permits.. other than that, the perks outweights the cons. road tax, insurance, fuel, maintenance, all my dad pay. so why not? i just drive the car, and the only thing i need to do is pick my bro up from sch. :)
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Friday, October 22, 2004

My 18th Birthday Pressies!

Presents from my Queen Gang, Faith & Yayinz. :) Also received a card from Tabby who sent it from Aussie! Feel so loved!
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Saturday, October 9, 2004


Went money's house to do project today.. spent the whole day there with her, joyce, denis and OREO.

We accomplished quite a lot. finished our econs presentation, and sort out our parts for the abortion presentation... Busy busy!

Money's mother so nice, buy chicken wings for us to eat.. =) thanx money's mummy!

Afterwards, joyce came to my house and we watched TV together while eating Canadian pizza.. =) so fun.. first time any of my friend came over at night and watch TV with me while eating pizza.. hahaa..

Bryan, I know you called me, several times.. but I just don't feel like talking to you.
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Grandma has cancer..

My mum told me just now that my grandma has advance stomach cancer. Now i know why her stomach was so bloated.

The bloody doc that she goes to every week didn't even realize she has stomach cancer! WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!

The medical bill every month comes up to a few thousands, and that idiotic doc can't even treat her, or find out what is wrong with her.

Hope she get well soon... :(

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Young delinquents

Why do we always look at young delinquents and label them as the filth of the society, the social outcasts, the ugly side of Singapore..

I am one who points at them and snigger at them, though i also feel sorry for them because they think that they are cool & fashionable when in fact they are a sorry pathetic bunch of kids.

They just want attention from their parents, from the society.. comfort in the knowledge that they belong to a bunch of people who act and think like them. Unknowingly wasting their time & squandering their youth..


Why are there so many suicide cases in Singapore? On average, 1 singaporean is killing him/herself everyday.. 1. It might not seem a lot.. but considering our population, it's hella lot..

Most of them kill themselves because of stress.. lack of love & attention from parents & peers, love problems & heartaches..

Do i fall into any of this catagory?

Oh yes i do..


Why did i wake up so early? oh yea.. i slept very early yesterday.. 8pm? yea.. around there..

today's make up class is not about make up, but manicure.. should i go? i dunno.. it's tonight.. sigh. i feel so bored.. have to walk all the way there, all the way back. take the train..

i think the train is like carting people here and there like rats.. or sardines.. everyone is squashed inside.. cannot move around, standing there, staring with a vacant expression in their eyes at everyone else. No smiles, no speech, no warmth.

Singapore is fucked up..

we are advancing too fast.. from 3rd world to where we are today in less than 40 years.. which country can boast that?

But look at the people? always fighting and pushing their way to reach the top. no human warmth. everyone is killing everyone to succeed. in school, at work, everywhere people are competing with one & another..

where are the values taught to us in school? well.. in school they just teach you stuff that will get you thru exams, advance to higher education & you graduate to compete with other fellow Singaporeans for food (salary).

don't we resemble a human producing factory? like robots.. programmed to do the same thing, one generation after another.

best thing is, our population is declining.. birth rate is so low, the people dying are more than people being born.

remember the 'Stop at 2' policy? Now they are introducing baby bonuses.. no use. no use. We are heading towards a decline.. what rise up must fall down. And since we rise so quickly, we will fall just as rapidly..

let's see what the goverment can do to salvage this tragedy...


sigh.. why am i rambling on & on.. yesterday night, my radio stopped working at 3.45am.. i woke up to twiddle with the buttons.. but to no avail.. guessed the lightning struck the roof's antenna or something.. glad there was no black out..

it's still raining.. but not as heavily as it was at 6.30am..

it always rain on thursday.. heavily..

wonder why.
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Thursday, July 1, 2004

SP Flag Day & FOP

Woke up at 6am today.. freaking tired. Took train to Singapore Poly from Pasir Ris to Dover.. Climbed up the stupid hill, collected my tin and rushed to Orchard for my make up lessons.

I didn't stand at the roadside and ask for donations.. I just asked my classmates to donate and also dump in lots of 5cents from my mum's coke bottle collection.

In the end I lost to a girl called Jessica by $4 for the 'Top Collecter' title. Sian.

I made quite an entrance in front of my class just now... haha! I ran up 6 flights of stairs, and by the time i reached my classroom, my legs were all wobbly and my face was so pale, i looks like a sheet of paper fluttering in the wind cos i was swaying on my feet.

I opened the door by pushing it damn hard cos earlier that morning, the door was damn heavy. But i don't know why in the afternoon when i went back, the door opened so easily.. oh well.. it opened with a big bang and the whole class. EVERYONE stared at me.. whooops.. i just stand at the door and looked in like i am the death angel cos my legs were so wobbly that i can't take a step forward..

oh well.. i forced myself to go forward and hand over my tin to my form teacher.. and dragged myself over to one of the chairs at the front row and flopped myself down on it.


I opened my make up bag and took everything apart and re-arranged everything cos i had no time to do it at my make up school.. and i think i attracted quite a lot of attention.. cos at the same time, my facilitator opened my can and went WOW! cos inside got lots of 5cents coins and notes. $2 and $10 notes. haha.. but i still lost. damn.

oh well..

I made friends with a few girls who seem really nice. Joyce, Amanda, Shiya & Money :) They said their first impression of me was "WAH LAO EH! BIMBO!" when I cleaned my brushes in the classroom.. Somemore I got fake lashes and all (from the makeup class) OOPS. And they were laughing at me at the back of the class lah!

Anyway, when we were dismissed, lots of my classmates came and chatted with me.. guess they were fascinated.. haha.

I found out that one of them live in pasir ris too! this lovely girl named Money. Yes. Money.. so cute huh? her bf is a senior in school and he looks like elvis.. or wants to look like him cos his hair is exactly like him.. and he has like lots of chest hair which Money proudly showed off to us.. Ehhh...

well, that's all for the FOP (freshmen orientation program) 2004. STUDY TIME ON MONDAY! Wooo hoo! happie! finally i can get to study! whooopeee!

Ate a late lunch cum dinner alone at delifrance while chatting away on the phone with my darling Bryan.. =) gonna go sleep now. Super tired!

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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Shark Pond smells great!

My lovely shark pond at Pasir Ris Park smells.. WONDERFUL! Why? Because all the chickens are gone!! Yippeee! If you wanna ask me what happened to the chickens, my answer is that i didn't have the pleasure to kill them myself. They just disappeared.. i guessed my aunts ordered them to be brought to the swamp to be set free or something.. but who cares?

so, yea.. i spent a longer time there feeding the sharks today.. and i was observing their eating and swimming habits.. I always thought that my sharks were all bamboo sharks.. but while i was surfing the net and looking at the pictures of various species of sharks, i realized that i only had 2 bamboo sharks, and the other 10 sharks might be nurse sharks! woah.. i can't belive that i am actually rearing nurse sharks! Must go and take photos of them and ask experts.. i bought them at a very low price.. in australia, a nurse sharks can fetch around S$600.. wahhhh.. but all my sharks don't even cost a fraction of $600.. -tsk tsk- must go and find out more..

another thing is.. since uncle chris is leaving, i have so many things to do in the shop! Stock list, accounts, and all sorts of rubbish.. they are even installing a punch card machine! Wtf.. what's it for when there are only 2 staff in the shop! Okok.. then talk about OT.. i am working like 10am to 8 (or 9)pm this whole week.. how are they gonna pay me overtime? I work so many hours overtime, and they are saying.. we are not promising there will be OT.. we will discuss it before telling you. WTF.. so more they said that if the sales is too little, confirm no OT, cos we'll just be sitting there watching TV and getting OT for nothing.. and if we wanna continue to open the shop later, we must call and ask for permission.. this is like so not my style lor.. so.. urghhhh!

I don't even have the liberty to engage part timers cos they wanna cut cost.. ok lah, cut cost lah.. but after that, they tell me they will send their own part timers to my shop to help me out. Why would i want a Cabana staff to help me when i can get Yinz to? I have to teach them how to do this and that, and they're just gonna ask me "How much is this? How much is that? How to Key ah?".. this is totally digusting!
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Friday, April 2, 2004

SP Package

I just received the SP package today.. opened it up and it's full of stuff.. haha. It looks so much nicer than TP's package (which yinz brought to work).. hahaha.. Oops!

I finished making my pencil box, but i didn't add any designs yet.. so i will post a pic after i finish adding the finishing touch. doo doo doo.. mine is nicer than yinz lor (she finished it too).. hahaha.. -bleah-

la la la.. happie happie.. Bryan is coming over to stay tmr.. yipppee! we gonna spend the night watching soccer and chatting.. not to mention him helping me fill in my poly admission form.

hmm.. i bought a ear piece for my handphone today.. $55.. it's a handsfree radio piece.. quite cool ah.. got blue light.. and got a nice lil pouch to put everything in.. -heez-
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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Received my posting results!

I received my posting results yesterday.. waited for bryan to come and open it for me..

He went like " glad.... to .........inform" blah blah.. Urghhh.. I nearly went blue without breathing.. he finally told me that I was accepted into.... -drum rolls-

What do you think it will be? =P

I was accepted into Singapore Poly's Business Administration.

It was my second choice.. so i think i'm quite happie.. But i really wanna go to Ngee Ann.. oh well, Singapore Poly is good too.. -nods-

yippee! Tomorrow is Monday! And it's my OFF DAY! Whooooooooo peee!

Today is also a fun day.. -hee- I was working in the minimart when i saw someone very familar smiling at me.. It was MELISSA! -shrieks- Then i look in another direction and saw Sue! We started screaming together! hahahaa.. defeaning i tell you. -smiles-

Umm.. sue's bao bei came too.. and when i asked them why they came, they answered with a 'we came for you'.. awww.. -tears- so sweet.. muack muack muacks.. Mel even bought me a fruit tart from Delifrance.. -drools- Hmm.. they went for a picnic and pic-taking.. and came back to get a bike for Sue's baobei to learn cycling, while i went to have a bath.. When i came back, i brought them to the sharks' pond.. but they only saw a few sharks, and all my other marine creatures (as mentioned in my previous entry) are missing.. so it was really empty.. yea.. Oh, they saw (and smelt) the chickens too! Hahahahhaaa...

Oh, afterwards we sat outside the minimart cos it was raining, and cos we was refused entry to my dad's beach cabana.. Well, they were angry that i was refused an entry since my dad owns the place.. but those fellas really dunno who i am, so cannot blame them also lah.. but i will make life difficult for them the next time i go there with my dad.. -evil grin-

ummm.. we sat there bitching, gossiping and laughing for like until the rain stopped, and i had to rush off cos my mummy was there to fetch me to Natas Fair so i had to leave my darlings there.. poor dears.. Make it up to you all next next week k? Early april.. =) Muacks..

Umm.. tmr going to Singapore Poly.. yayin wanna go and appeal, and i wanna go and look at my new school.. -grinz- afterwards we are going to Orchard where i can repair my nails (again) and go buy clips at Hereen (for the 3rd time)..
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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Part Time Work~

Too doo doo.. Ya yin is working at my dad's bike station next to my mini mart.. and day by day, we grow closer to each other.. I am sooo glad.. -smiles- Finally we can see each other daily.. and she is so funny! She and all her weird and funny stories.. haha..

I just came back from TM.. went there with her and we went to collect my white OP Tote Bag which i bought yesterday.. Collected it today cos there was only the pink ones left yesterday, and the pink ones were hideous looking.. -shudders- yupz.. I bought two identical skirts yesterday when i went with my sis. We have the same skirts! Yippee.. haha.. sister skirts.. Pale green.. beautiful.. haha. Bought a t-shirt each too.. i spent over $129 yesterday in OP.. oh.. come to think about it.. the woman kept my receipt when i collect my bag today.. damn.. how can i accumulate $200 worth of receipts now to qualify to be a member?! Wtf.. urghhh.. never mind.. don't be a member might be a blessing.. I will spend less.. haha..

Oh, as i was saying.. ya.. collect the bag.. ummm.. than we go and take neoprint.. than go Isetan.. She bought a nice capri pants from Converse.. is capri a correct word? I think it's some kind of juice.. hahahahahahhaa.. Oh well.. It's really nice. And i spotted some lovely bras..! Umm.. yea.. hahahaha.. so cute cute cute.. but i think so kiddish leh.. i mean.. chicks and bears.. and more bears? ummm.. think i have to progress to more.. ehhh.. adult kind.. haha.. but i dun like the lacy kind.. urghh.. what's with lace? Whooopss.. think i am going into too much detail.. hahaha.. change subject!!

oh well.. I saw the new MOGU arrivals! Woaaa... so soft and squuuueeeezeeeey.. flowery patterns.. i like the baby elephant... It's so lovely.. mentioned it to moi darling and my darling gonna buy it for me! So sweeeeet.. -biggie huggies- awwww.. muah muah muah.. hehe.. -sigh- i feel really loved..

Ummm.. we went for Kenny Rogers for dinner.. last customers.. since it was almost 9.30pm.. haha.. and we chatted and laughed and she spitted lemon tea all over me.. ahhaha.. she so many actions.. haha.. so cute! Went to Cheers afterwards, and i pointed out all the sweets there and told her the cost price ( i know all the cost price of sweets since i am working in the minimart) haha.. she was so shocked when she found out the difference in the prices.. Eg; Mentos cost 5cents each.. i sell $1, Cheers sell 80cents i think.. haha.. And the Kinder Brueno cost 75cents each, i got a special price of 65cents each.. But i sell $1.50! hahhaaaa.. Whhoooopss.. i think i dun reveal so much.. hhahaha.. sshhh..

Oh well, we parted at Pasir Ris Mrt station, and i am gonna see her tmr.. whooopeee!

Well, going off to sleep.. my eye bags are showing.. making me look more like a "minimart aunty".. haha.. Oh, yayin was called an auntie by someone today and she was so worked up.. aiyooo.. please lah.. ppl in pasir ris park are cock-eyed.. can't tell the difference between old auntys and young girls.. siao ppl.. dun care about them.. used to it can liao.. Just ignore those ignorant losers.. Most important is they spend their money money money in our shops! Wuhahahahahaaaa...
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Saturday, February 28, 2004


First you worry about your results..

Next you worry about which Poly to go to..

Then you worry about what course you should take that suits you best..

Afterwards you worry whether you'll get accepted into the course you one..

When you finally get confirmed and everything, you'll still have to worry if you'll fit in.

Oh wtf. Life is just fucked if i have to keep on worrying about all these stuff. 15 points seem so good (for my bloody standard).. and the cut-off points for all the business courses I want is 19 points. But i am so damn worried that this year's batch is much smarter than last year. MOREOVER, last year was the batch of the 1986 tiger babies (lowest birthrate of all time) so the competition isn't that stiff.. this year is the 1987 rabbit babies.. so the competition will be much tougher. So in the end, 15 points doesn't seem that great at all.. and the worse thing is, three of my grades are B3.. which might be an A2.. AHHH!!

Oh well, let's talk about today.. i flew a kite for almost 2 hours.. the kite was so high up, it's like a speck in the sky.. everyone came and stared.. and pointed.. and wondered where the bloody kite was.. haha. Bloody cock-eyed people. But a lot of people were tempted to buy the kites from my shop as they saw how high it could fly, without knowing that the kite was modified by uncle phillip.. hahahaaa.. so their kites were like.. 1/4 of my altittude.. woo hoo..~
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Friday, February 27, 2004

I passed my O level maths!

I am crying now.. just can't stop crying.. i just checked my O levels results online..

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!

la la la la.. so happie! still crying now.. can't belive i got a B4 for my maths.. B4!!!!!!!! My total L1R4 is 15.. so i can apply for poly! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now just have to decide which poly, and what course..

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Monday, February 23, 2004

New phone! Sony Ericsson Z200

I just signed up a new plan from M1.. and i bought a new phone too! Sony Ericsson Z200!

Isn't it just gorgeous..? -sighs-

Yea yea, no camera.. so what? It's nice and i don't need a camera phone since i already have an expensive digicam.. This phone costs me over $400 plus sim card. Doo doo doo~ It's so beautiful.. sigh..

Oh, this morning i went to gym with my lil cousin Joce.. haha! So funnie.. we didn't really know how to operate the machines.. and we were like gym geeks.. hahaaa.. luckily it was her condo's gym, and there is no one else inside.. if not, it'll be soo damn embarrassing! hahaahaaaa.. And I knocked my front tooth on the machine.. hope it's not damaged or something cos it's a bit painful..

Tmr is my off day!~ Yippee! Going out with my lil Joce.. =)
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Saturday, January 31, 2004

SAC Family BBQ

Family BBQ today! Bryan was the first there.. He was there before i was there! -hugs-

Both of us tried like over 1 hour (from got sun till sunset) to start the bloody fire..

I am soo disappointed. Only Cass, Mel and Faith turned up.. Bryan came, and my bro and sis were there for a while. Had to ration the food, cos i bought too much chicken wings and too little sausages and potatoes.. No one wanted the otah and satay.. haha.. got left-overs..

The others didn't come.. Sigh.. for whatever reasons i dunno, but somehow the BBQ is so lifeless.. I mean.. imagine a 6 people BBQ..? Ehh.. not very exciting..

Hmmm.. i spent well over $110 on the BBQ.. collected some money back from them... but the money i collected is only 1/3 of the cost. It's alright.. i dun mind paying more.. I prepared like 4kg of chicken wings and i have to lug 2kg home.. Sigh.. my marshmellows were wasted too.. I threw half away cos they were infested with ants.. and the other half was only eaten half..
u know what i mean..

Sigh sigh sigh.

Maybe my organisation skills are worse than haizi.. -haha- (no offense dear..) But from now on, i am not organizing such BBQ to have ppl telling me they can't make it there. I purposely planned this thing one month in advance, ask everyone when they can make it, do everything by myself and in the end tell me they can't make it. BBQ is different from an outing. Outing to Marche or what, never go, never mind.. No need to pay, end of story. BBQ must calculate budget and buy, in the end cannot come cannot come. With $80 i can use to buy one new pair of shoes. -hmpm- Rather go Mac'donald's for lunch next time.

But to dearest Bryan baby, Haizi, Mel, Faith (who is late late late!) thank you for coming and thank you for enjoying (i hope) yourself.. And to my dear little fat puich sis.. thanx for clearing up the things for me and helping me cook.
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Friday, January 30, 2004

Most embarrassing day of my life

Went to Tampines to watch Peter Pan with my sis. Wore my new nike shoes and tried my Vidal Sassoon thingy.. Hmmm.. met Yayin at Century Square, than went to the food court for dinner.

Yin go buy food, i went to buy Cheng Ting and Ice Jelly.. the aunty was mopping the floor, and my shoes were already beginning to slip. Damn, i should have know to take a detour back to the table..

I walked gingerly back, and suddenly, there's a 'squeak' coming from my right shoe. My left leg tried to hold me and prevent me from falling, but there's another 'squeak' and that's from the left shoe. Both legs gave way, and i threw the two bowls of dessert up in the air with a loud 'Whooops' and fell on my bum ( i was wearing a skirt )... Yes.. everyone came to look and stare (of cos), being such lovely singaporeans, they just gawked, laughed, teased and stared.. some came over and gave me words of 'concern'.. -hmpm- One bowl of hot cheng ting landed on my left leg, and one bowl of ice cold ice jelly landed on my right leg. Talk about hot and cold at the same time.

Well.. i couldn't stand up cos my bum hurt, and my left ankle was numb.. on top of that, the floor around me were all full of jelly and ice. Couldn't even stand up.. Managed in the end with my sis help.. and all this while, Yin was still buying food & dunno wat happened. hahahaa... I went to the toilet and cleaned up with my sis help..

I told Yin what happened when she came back.. and all she did was laugh at me.. -hmpm-

I am never going back again..
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Friday, January 9, 2004

Pet Sharks!

My daddy bought over 10 sharks for me today!!! :D

We went to West Coast to buy the sharks, the uncle packed them up and put it in my dad's car.. than my daddy drove it to Pasir Ris Park where we released the sharks into the pond he set aside for me!

I cleaned up the place (my sharks pond) .. it's so mouldy and yucky.. Urgh. Oh..~ DARLINGS! I will bring all of you to my shark's pond okie? Let you all touch the starfish, seahorse, sea cucumber.. sea apple, sea urchin.. aiya.. even the sharks if you dare.. hehe. So on the BBQ day (confirmed on 31st Jan) I will bring you all there okieokie? Hahaha.. excited? I bet you are. -woopies-

Ehhh.. ooh.. i got a new job offer from my daddydums. Pay is good, benefits good, everything also good.. whoopee! Life is great..

I can't wait for the ah bu family BBQ!! So excited! Everyone be there before the sun sets okie? So we can take beautiful shots.. I will be there early.. so pls come early if you can. More info go to Family Corner (link at the bottom right page).
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