Saturday, January 31, 2004

SAC Family BBQ

Family BBQ today! Bryan was the first there.. He was there before i was there! -hugs-

Both of us tried like over 1 hour (from got sun till sunset) to start the bloody fire..

I am soo disappointed. Only Cass, Mel and Faith turned up.. Bryan came, and my bro and sis were there for a while. Had to ration the food, cos i bought too much chicken wings and too little sausages and potatoes.. No one wanted the otah and satay.. haha.. got left-overs..

The others didn't come.. Sigh.. for whatever reasons i dunno, but somehow the BBQ is so lifeless.. I mean.. imagine a 6 people BBQ..? Ehh.. not very exciting..

Hmmm.. i spent well over $110 on the BBQ.. collected some money back from them... but the money i collected is only 1/3 of the cost. It's alright.. i dun mind paying more.. I prepared like 4kg of chicken wings and i have to lug 2kg home.. Sigh.. my marshmellows were wasted too.. I threw half away cos they were infested with ants.. and the other half was only eaten half..
u know what i mean..

Sigh sigh sigh.

Maybe my organisation skills are worse than haizi.. -haha- (no offense dear..) But from now on, i am not organizing such BBQ to have ppl telling me they can't make it there. I purposely planned this thing one month in advance, ask everyone when they can make it, do everything by myself and in the end tell me they can't make it. BBQ is different from an outing. Outing to Marche or what, never go, never mind.. No need to pay, end of story. BBQ must calculate budget and buy, in the end cannot come cannot come. With $80 i can use to buy one new pair of shoes. -hmpm- Rather go Mac'donald's for lunch next time.

But to dearest Bryan baby, Haizi, Mel, Faith (who is late late late!) thank you for coming and thank you for enjoying (i hope) yourself.. And to my dear little fat puich sis.. thanx for clearing up the things for me and helping me cook.
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Friday, January 30, 2004

Most embarrassing day of my life

Went to Tampines to watch Peter Pan with my sis. Wore my new nike shoes and tried my Vidal Sassoon thingy.. Hmmm.. met Yayin at Century Square, than went to the food court for dinner.

Yin go buy food, i went to buy Cheng Ting and Ice Jelly.. the aunty was mopping the floor, and my shoes were already beginning to slip. Damn, i should have know to take a detour back to the table..

I walked gingerly back, and suddenly, there's a 'squeak' coming from my right shoe. My left leg tried to hold me and prevent me from falling, but there's another 'squeak' and that's from the left shoe. Both legs gave way, and i threw the two bowls of dessert up in the air with a loud 'Whooops' and fell on my bum ( i was wearing a skirt )... Yes.. everyone came to look and stare (of cos), being such lovely singaporeans, they just gawked, laughed, teased and stared.. some came over and gave me words of 'concern'.. -hmpm- One bowl of hot cheng ting landed on my left leg, and one bowl of ice cold ice jelly landed on my right leg. Talk about hot and cold at the same time.

Well.. i couldn't stand up cos my bum hurt, and my left ankle was numb.. on top of that, the floor around me were all full of jelly and ice. Couldn't even stand up.. Managed in the end with my sis help.. and all this while, Yin was still buying food & dunno wat happened. hahahaa... I went to the toilet and cleaned up with my sis help..

I told Yin what happened when she came back.. and all she did was laugh at me.. -hmpm-

I am never going back again..
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Friday, January 9, 2004

Pet Sharks!

My daddy bought over 10 sharks for me today!!! :D

We went to West Coast to buy the sharks, the uncle packed them up and put it in my dad's car.. than my daddy drove it to Pasir Ris Park where we released the sharks into the pond he set aside for me!

I cleaned up the place (my sharks pond) .. it's so mouldy and yucky.. Urgh. Oh..~ DARLINGS! I will bring all of you to my shark's pond okie? Let you all touch the starfish, seahorse, sea cucumber.. sea apple, sea urchin.. aiya.. even the sharks if you dare.. hehe. So on the BBQ day (confirmed on 31st Jan) I will bring you all there okieokie? Hahaha.. excited? I bet you are. -woopies-

Ehhh.. ooh.. i got a new job offer from my daddydums. Pay is good, benefits good, everything also good.. whoopee! Life is great..

I can't wait for the ah bu family BBQ!! So excited! Everyone be there before the sun sets okie? So we can take beautiful shots.. I will be there early.. so pls come early if you can. More info go to Family Corner (link at the bottom right page).
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