Saturday, February 28, 2004


First you worry about your results..

Next you worry about which Poly to go to..

Then you worry about what course you should take that suits you best..

Afterwards you worry whether you'll get accepted into the course you one..

When you finally get confirmed and everything, you'll still have to worry if you'll fit in.

Oh wtf. Life is just fucked if i have to keep on worrying about all these stuff. 15 points seem so good (for my bloody standard).. and the cut-off points for all the business courses I want is 19 points. But i am so damn worried that this year's batch is much smarter than last year. MOREOVER, last year was the batch of the 1986 tiger babies (lowest birthrate of all time) so the competition isn't that stiff.. this year is the 1987 rabbit babies.. so the competition will be much tougher. So in the end, 15 points doesn't seem that great at all.. and the worse thing is, three of my grades are B3.. which might be an A2.. AHHH!!

Oh well, let's talk about today.. i flew a kite for almost 2 hours.. the kite was so high up, it's like a speck in the sky.. everyone came and stared.. and pointed.. and wondered where the bloody kite was.. haha. Bloody cock-eyed people. But a lot of people were tempted to buy the kites from my shop as they saw how high it could fly, without knowing that the kite was modified by uncle phillip.. hahahaaa.. so their kites were like.. 1/4 of my altittude.. woo hoo..~
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Friday, February 27, 2004

I passed my O level maths!

I am crying now.. just can't stop crying.. i just checked my O levels results online..

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!

la la la la.. so happie! still crying now.. can't belive i got a B4 for my maths.. B4!!!!!!!! My total L1R4 is 15.. so i can apply for poly! ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now just have to decide which poly, and what course..

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Monday, February 23, 2004

New phone! Sony Ericsson Z200

I just signed up a new plan from M1.. and i bought a new phone too! Sony Ericsson Z200!

Isn't it just gorgeous..? -sighs-

Yea yea, no camera.. so what? It's nice and i don't need a camera phone since i already have an expensive digicam.. This phone costs me over $400 plus sim card. Doo doo doo~ It's so beautiful.. sigh..

Oh, this morning i went to gym with my lil cousin Joce.. haha! So funnie.. we didn't really know how to operate the machines.. and we were like gym geeks.. hahaaa.. luckily it was her condo's gym, and there is no one else inside.. if not, it'll be soo damn embarrassing! hahaahaaaa.. And I knocked my front tooth on the machine.. hope it's not damaged or something cos it's a bit painful..

Tmr is my off day!~ Yippee! Going out with my lil Joce.. =)
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