Sunday, March 21, 2004

Received my posting results!

I received my posting results yesterday.. waited for bryan to come and open it for me..

He went like " glad.... to .........inform" blah blah.. Urghhh.. I nearly went blue without breathing.. he finally told me that I was accepted into.... -drum rolls-

What do you think it will be? =P

I was accepted into Singapore Poly's Business Administration.

It was my second choice.. so i think i'm quite happie.. But i really wanna go to Ngee Ann.. oh well, Singapore Poly is good too.. -nods-

yippee! Tomorrow is Monday! And it's my OFF DAY! Whooooooooo peee!

Today is also a fun day.. -hee- I was working in the minimart when i saw someone very familar smiling at me.. It was MELISSA! -shrieks- Then i look in another direction and saw Sue! We started screaming together! hahahaa.. defeaning i tell you. -smiles-

Umm.. sue's bao bei came too.. and when i asked them why they came, they answered with a 'we came for you'.. awww.. -tears- so sweet.. muack muack muacks.. Mel even bought me a fruit tart from Delifrance.. -drools- Hmm.. they went for a picnic and pic-taking.. and came back to get a bike for Sue's baobei to learn cycling, while i went to have a bath.. When i came back, i brought them to the sharks' pond.. but they only saw a few sharks, and all my other marine creatures (as mentioned in my previous entry) are missing.. so it was really empty.. yea.. Oh, they saw (and smelt) the chickens too! Hahahahhaaa...

Oh, afterwards we sat outside the minimart cos it was raining, and cos we was refused entry to my dad's beach cabana.. Well, they were angry that i was refused an entry since my dad owns the place.. but those fellas really dunno who i am, so cannot blame them also lah.. but i will make life difficult for them the next time i go there with my dad.. -evil grin-

ummm.. we sat there bitching, gossiping and laughing for like until the rain stopped, and i had to rush off cos my mummy was there to fetch me to Natas Fair so i had to leave my darlings there.. poor dears.. Make it up to you all next next week k? Early april.. =) Muacks..

Umm.. tmr going to Singapore Poly.. yayin wanna go and appeal, and i wanna go and look at my new school.. -grinz- afterwards we are going to Orchard where i can repair my nails (again) and go buy clips at Hereen (for the 3rd time)..
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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Part Time Work~

Too doo doo.. Ya yin is working at my dad's bike station next to my mini mart.. and day by day, we grow closer to each other.. I am sooo glad.. -smiles- Finally we can see each other daily.. and she is so funny! She and all her weird and funny stories.. haha..

I just came back from TM.. went there with her and we went to collect my white OP Tote Bag which i bought yesterday.. Collected it today cos there was only the pink ones left yesterday, and the pink ones were hideous looking.. -shudders- yupz.. I bought two identical skirts yesterday when i went with my sis. We have the same skirts! Yippee.. haha.. sister skirts.. Pale green.. beautiful.. haha. Bought a t-shirt each too.. i spent over $129 yesterday in OP.. oh.. come to think about it.. the woman kept my receipt when i collect my bag today.. damn.. how can i accumulate $200 worth of receipts now to qualify to be a member?! Wtf.. urghhh.. never mind.. don't be a member might be a blessing.. I will spend less.. haha..

Oh, as i was saying.. ya.. collect the bag.. ummm.. than we go and take neoprint.. than go Isetan.. She bought a nice capri pants from Converse.. is capri a correct word? I think it's some kind of juice.. hahahahahahhaa.. Oh well.. It's really nice. And i spotted some lovely bras..! Umm.. yea.. hahahaha.. so cute cute cute.. but i think so kiddish leh.. i mean.. chicks and bears.. and more bears? ummm.. think i have to progress to more.. ehhh.. adult kind.. haha.. but i dun like the lacy kind.. urghh.. what's with lace? Whooopss.. think i am going into too much detail.. hahaha.. change subject!!

oh well.. I saw the new MOGU arrivals! Woaaa... so soft and squuuueeeezeeeey.. flowery patterns.. i like the baby elephant... It's so lovely.. mentioned it to moi darling and my darling gonna buy it for me! So sweeeeet.. -biggie huggies- awwww.. muah muah muah.. hehe.. -sigh- i feel really loved..

Ummm.. we went for Kenny Rogers for dinner.. last customers.. since it was almost 9.30pm.. haha.. and we chatted and laughed and she spitted lemon tea all over me.. ahhaha.. she so many actions.. haha.. so cute! Went to Cheers afterwards, and i pointed out all the sweets there and told her the cost price ( i know all the cost price of sweets since i am working in the minimart) haha.. she was so shocked when she found out the difference in the prices.. Eg; Mentos cost 5cents each.. i sell $1, Cheers sell 80cents i think.. haha.. And the Kinder Brueno cost 75cents each, i got a special price of 65cents each.. But i sell $1.50! hahhaaaa.. Whhoooopss.. i think i dun reveal so much.. hhahaha.. sshhh..

Oh well, we parted at Pasir Ris Mrt station, and i am gonna see her tmr.. whooopeee!

Well, going off to sleep.. my eye bags are showing.. making me look more like a "minimart aunty".. haha.. Oh, yayin was called an auntie by someone today and she was so worked up.. aiyooo.. please lah.. ppl in pasir ris park are cock-eyed.. can't tell the difference between old auntys and young girls.. siao ppl.. dun care about them.. used to it can liao.. Just ignore those ignorant losers.. Most important is they spend their money money money in our shops! Wuhahahahahaaaa...
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