Thursday, April 15, 2004

Shark Pond smells great!

My lovely shark pond at Pasir Ris Park smells.. WONDERFUL! Why? Because all the chickens are gone!! Yippeee! If you wanna ask me what happened to the chickens, my answer is that i didn't have the pleasure to kill them myself. They just disappeared.. i guessed my aunts ordered them to be brought to the swamp to be set free or something.. but who cares?

so, yea.. i spent a longer time there feeding the sharks today.. and i was observing their eating and swimming habits.. I always thought that my sharks were all bamboo sharks.. but while i was surfing the net and looking at the pictures of various species of sharks, i realized that i only had 2 bamboo sharks, and the other 10 sharks might be nurse sharks! woah.. i can't belive that i am actually rearing nurse sharks! Must go and take photos of them and ask experts.. i bought them at a very low price.. in australia, a nurse sharks can fetch around S$600.. wahhhh.. but all my sharks don't even cost a fraction of $600.. -tsk tsk- must go and find out more..

another thing is.. since uncle chris is leaving, i have so many things to do in the shop! Stock list, accounts, and all sorts of rubbish.. they are even installing a punch card machine! Wtf.. what's it for when there are only 2 staff in the shop! Okok.. then talk about OT.. i am working like 10am to 8 (or 9)pm this whole week.. how are they gonna pay me overtime? I work so many hours overtime, and they are saying.. we are not promising there will be OT.. we will discuss it before telling you. WTF.. so more they said that if the sales is too little, confirm no OT, cos we'll just be sitting there watching TV and getting OT for nothing.. and if we wanna continue to open the shop later, we must call and ask for permission.. this is like so not my style lor.. so.. urghhhh!

I don't even have the liberty to engage part timers cos they wanna cut cost.. ok lah, cut cost lah.. but after that, they tell me they will send their own part timers to my shop to help me out. Why would i want a Cabana staff to help me when i can get Yinz to? I have to teach them how to do this and that, and they're just gonna ask me "How much is this? How much is that? How to Key ah?".. this is totally digusting!
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Friday, April 2, 2004

SP Package

I just received the SP package today.. opened it up and it's full of stuff.. haha. It looks so much nicer than TP's package (which yinz brought to work).. hahaha.. Oops!

I finished making my pencil box, but i didn't add any designs yet.. so i will post a pic after i finish adding the finishing touch. doo doo doo.. mine is nicer than yinz lor (she finished it too).. hahaha.. -bleah-

la la la.. happie happie.. Bryan is coming over to stay tmr.. yipppee! we gonna spend the night watching soccer and chatting.. not to mention him helping me fill in my poly admission form.

hmm.. i bought a ear piece for my handphone today.. $55.. it's a handsfree radio piece.. quite cool ah.. got blue light.. and got a nice lil pouch to put everything in.. -heez-
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