Thursday, July 15, 2004

Young delinquents

Why do we always look at young delinquents and label them as the filth of the society, the social outcasts, the ugly side of Singapore..

I am one who points at them and snigger at them, though i also feel sorry for them because they think that they are cool & fashionable when in fact they are a sorry pathetic bunch of kids.

They just want attention from their parents, from the society.. comfort in the knowledge that they belong to a bunch of people who act and think like them. Unknowingly wasting their time & squandering their youth..


Why are there so many suicide cases in Singapore? On average, 1 singaporean is killing him/herself everyday.. 1. It might not seem a lot.. but considering our population, it's hella lot..

Most of them kill themselves because of stress.. lack of love & attention from parents & peers, love problems & heartaches..

Do i fall into any of this catagory?

Oh yes i do..


Why did i wake up so early? oh yea.. i slept very early yesterday.. 8pm? yea.. around there..

today's make up class is not about make up, but manicure.. should i go? i dunno.. it's tonight.. sigh. i feel so bored.. have to walk all the way there, all the way back. take the train..

i think the train is like carting people here and there like rats.. or sardines.. everyone is squashed inside.. cannot move around, standing there, staring with a vacant expression in their eyes at everyone else. No smiles, no speech, no warmth.

Singapore is fucked up..

we are advancing too fast.. from 3rd world to where we are today in less than 40 years.. which country can boast that?

But look at the people? always fighting and pushing their way to reach the top. no human warmth. everyone is killing everyone to succeed. in school, at work, everywhere people are competing with one & another..

where are the values taught to us in school? well.. in school they just teach you stuff that will get you thru exams, advance to higher education & you graduate to compete with other fellow Singaporeans for food (salary).

don't we resemble a human producing factory? like robots.. programmed to do the same thing, one generation after another.

best thing is, our population is declining.. birth rate is so low, the people dying are more than people being born.

remember the 'Stop at 2' policy? Now they are introducing baby bonuses.. no use. no use. We are heading towards a decline.. what rise up must fall down. And since we rise so quickly, we will fall just as rapidly..

let's see what the goverment can do to salvage this tragedy...


sigh.. why am i rambling on & on.. yesterday night, my radio stopped working at 3.45am.. i woke up to twiddle with the buttons.. but to no avail.. guessed the lightning struck the roof's antenna or something.. glad there was no black out..

it's still raining.. but not as heavily as it was at 6.30am..

it always rain on thursday.. heavily..

wonder why.
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Thursday, July 1, 2004

SP Flag Day & FOP

Woke up at 6am today.. freaking tired. Took train to Singapore Poly from Pasir Ris to Dover.. Climbed up the stupid hill, collected my tin and rushed to Orchard for my make up lessons.

I didn't stand at the roadside and ask for donations.. I just asked my classmates to donate and also dump in lots of 5cents from my mum's coke bottle collection.

In the end I lost to a girl called Jessica by $4 for the 'Top Collecter' title. Sian.

I made quite an entrance in front of my class just now... haha! I ran up 6 flights of stairs, and by the time i reached my classroom, my legs were all wobbly and my face was so pale, i looks like a sheet of paper fluttering in the wind cos i was swaying on my feet.

I opened the door by pushing it damn hard cos earlier that morning, the door was damn heavy. But i don't know why in the afternoon when i went back, the door opened so easily.. oh well.. it opened with a big bang and the whole class. EVERYONE stared at me.. whooops.. i just stand at the door and looked in like i am the death angel cos my legs were so wobbly that i can't take a step forward..

oh well.. i forced myself to go forward and hand over my tin to my form teacher.. and dragged myself over to one of the chairs at the front row and flopped myself down on it.


I opened my make up bag and took everything apart and re-arranged everything cos i had no time to do it at my make up school.. and i think i attracted quite a lot of attention.. cos at the same time, my facilitator opened my can and went WOW! cos inside got lots of 5cents coins and notes. $2 and $10 notes. haha.. but i still lost. damn.

oh well..

I made friends with a few girls who seem really nice. Joyce, Amanda, Shiya & Money :) They said their first impression of me was "WAH LAO EH! BIMBO!" when I cleaned my brushes in the classroom.. Somemore I got fake lashes and all (from the makeup class) OOPS. And they were laughing at me at the back of the class lah!

Anyway, when we were dismissed, lots of my classmates came and chatted with me.. guess they were fascinated.. haha.

I found out that one of them live in pasir ris too! this lovely girl named Money. Yes. Money.. so cute huh? her bf is a senior in school and he looks like elvis.. or wants to look like him cos his hair is exactly like him.. and he has like lots of chest hair which Money proudly showed off to us.. Ehhh...

well, that's all for the FOP (freshmen orientation program) 2004. STUDY TIME ON MONDAY! Wooo hoo! happie! finally i can get to study! whooopeee!

Ate a late lunch cum dinner alone at delifrance while chatting away on the phone with my darling Bryan.. =) gonna go sleep now. Super tired!

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