Thursday, December 2, 2004

Missed my GEM registration!

WAH LAO!! I missed my first GEM (general elective module) registration, and have to go for the second appointment.

I really wanted to go for the Sun Zi's - The Art of War for Modern Day. But by the time i went in, NO MORE SPACES! -sobs- There were 160 seats (one of the largest class) and they were all taken.

urghhhhhh!!! Why do all those idiots vie with me! They know nothing. NOTHING about Sun Zi!! I read and read so much about the art of war, and i am so keen in going. WHY!!!!!!

ah. whatever. still got 3 more chances. i have to take 3 more within 2 years. so i hope i can get it. so i have to be contented with my FOURTH choice. Calenders & Astronomy.

hope it is as interesting (to me) as it sounds.
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