Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Constant Motivation!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

We love Oreo!

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Monday, August 22, 2005

New goggles!

Real comfy! :)

Look like Willy Wonka! HAHA!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SPARC Rehearsal

Rehearsal today for YES! Young Entrepruener 'Something'...

So many dry runs until i wanna drop dead from boredom cos i had nothing to do..

"Save me from my misery"

Anyway, my other sparc members were happily gossiping away. I didn't join them cos i am anti-social and don't like to gossip... "And then the girl hor.. yah! heheee.. yada yada.."

Damn sian. oh.. this pic is here cos i wanna let u guys see my new t-shirt! it's so nice.. hahaaa.. i was wearing my new skirt too.. but.. kinda hard to take a pic of it..

SPARC - Singapore Polytechnic Ambassador Relation Corps

Sounds nice and cool?

In reality, we are just dispatched to events to stand around until our toes are numb and look like idiotslook nice & we are always cordinally ignored by everyone and left in the cold. :(

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3 new hobbies

i have been reading a lot of cookbooks, and trying out lots of new recipies. That's bee hoon, by the way.. and i must say it's really yummy. Heh.

and.. my willing victims are my lovely siblings. they even allow me to fix them dinner (improvement from supper).. haha. At least during supper they can don't eat and won't feel so hungry, but dinner.. if it's fucked up, they have to eat maggie mee.

Yesterday i cooked Mac & Cheese for my bro's supper, and Today's menu is Ceral Tiger Prawns, Tereyaki Chicken wings and Black Pepper Wings.


Due to sensitive ear lobes, i can't wear anything earrings that is not made from gold/titanium/white gold. No silver, no other metals. I am esp sensitive to nickel. So, i prefer collecting earrings to wearing them. Sometimes i do wear them (stuborn la) than my ear holes will have infection at night.

Stupid things i do.. like my poor belly button.. sobbss.


If you think the receipts are very little, please keep in mind that only purchases above $12 make the list. The rest are dumped into the garbage bin.

One is $161 for my hair, another $740 for my tooth, blah blahhh..

And there are many receipts in a little plastic bag which i pasted on the wall to make more space.

Try to spot the little plastic bag. hahaa.

it's not because my wall is too small (though it is in fact quite small), it's just that i am a little tramutized by the number of receipts, so to keep me in a sane mind, i try to hide them and persuade myself that i am NOT a big spender.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Oreo!

Oreo was born on 16 Aug 2004.
I brought him home in early Oct 2004.

Pic taken on the first day i brought him home. Poking his tummy and couldn't keep my hands off him cos he is a living doll/baby polar bear.

From the start, he treated me as his mum cos he wasn't weaned (still drinking milk) and had to be fed 3 times daily. I was the poor person who had to wake up at 5am, delay going to school to feed him at 10am & rush back by 6pm to make milk and feed him thru a milk bottle.

He was so tiny then..

I survived through his puppyhood stages which includes teething where he chewed on anything and anything he can get his teeth on, and since he sleeps on my bed with me, he chews on my hair to sleep every single day.
And in a blink of an eye... He is one year one! YIPPPEEE!! My lovely son is a year old!

"Yay! I am 1 yr old! -raises paws in the air- now please lemme go back to sleep."

When people ask "How old is he?" I can say ONE YEAR OLD instead of counting the months.

No more calling him a little poopi/puppy. He is officially an "adult" dog.

Bringing him to a pet cafe this saturday. Pet cafe? Ya.. Mr Kns was wondering what is a pet cafe. Well, i don't know too, cos i never go before.. will take pics and post on sunday.

Why go pet cafe? So good life huh?

My dad wanna celebrate for him.... so sweet right? His own daughter's birthday never celebrate for her, but grandson birthday so enthusiastic..

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Breakfast for Joanna

I woke up early to cook breakfast for my little sister but she don't appreciate lor! Hai. 

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

New Wallet!


It's so cute! Like waving to me, asking me to hold it, open it and buy it home!!

Enough for my many many cards (though some i have to stuff in my bag), and the best thing is..

Look!! It has a seperate compartment! And it's the right size for my Nokia 7610! That means i can bring my wallet and handphone around without worrying about losing it cos it's together.. hehee.. And i'm able to stuff Mr Kns cigerettes inside too!

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Monday, August 1, 2005

I cleaned my room!

I cleaned my room today! yes yes, it's perpetually messy.. but I always make an effort to make it neat.. well, passable neat.

This is my alarm clock cum hairband holder.

My mum bought this clock at Bangkok for me after I kept complaining that she only buys things for herself and not buying anything for me even though I accompanied her on her stupid holiday.

Can you spot Oreo?


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