Thursday, September 8, 2005

This is gonna leave a scar..

It was raining heavily, the ground was slippery.. i slipped on the drain hole's cover and fell on my right knee, sliding across while dropping all my coins and my handphone.

no one offered to help me even though they were many SP students walking past me. All they do is gape, ignore, stare and do nothing while STEPPING on my coins.


Sickening thing is, some of them were from my class last year, so they know me but chose to ignore me and leave me in the lurch!

It's damn fucking pain lah! And I bet this is gonna leave a scar! :(
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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

SPARC Duty @ Bugis Street

Bugis Street Developement Pte Ltd is giving Singapore Polytechnic's Business School students a ONE YEAR RENT FREE shop space above Bugis Street. How cool is that?

So people out there... my school is THE Poly to be at.

We churned out Singapore Idol, Super Star Finalist, Suria thingy competition singer finalist, and now?

okok.. i'm just being dumb. But our business school is one of the best cos we really have all kinds of connections...

And you can be part of
Singapore Polytechnic Ambassadorial Relation Corps
like me!

This has to be my most important and stressful duty of all because there are only 2 SPARC members involved (so i cannot push the stressful part to someone else) and the media is involved.. not to mentioned i will be in very close proximity to many important people...


glad that's over..

My job is to be the pretty smiling girl standing behind the VIPs and passing the document from one to another, and exchanging my file with jennifer for her file and let my 2 VIPs to sign the documents before giving the contract with 5 signatures to the VVIP to exchange with the other VVIP.

sounds confusing?

not really.

But it's damn stressful cos many eyes are watching, and as i've said before, i'm not really a glam poster girl with a to-die-for-figure or a million-dollar smile... no confidence and no looks to look glam.


anyway, Jennifer was in charge of 2 witnesses and the director of Bugis Street, while my two important people was Singapore Polytechnic's PRINCIPAL and School of Business Director!!!!!!

considering how many days i've missed school and how i've been such a "rebel" student, the stress is even worse...

I was doing duty with Jennifer, my fellow SPARC member.. Luckily this pic does not show the ugly red skirt. I do not, and i repeat, i do not understand why the top part of the uniform is so nice, but they have to ruin it with a horrible red skirt.


I took a non-authorized pic of the contract.. heh heh...

oh well.. many reporters came, including a tv crew from Channelnews Asia.. Mr Kns was wondering how i look like on TV.. and just one word to describe.

FAT. & may i add another one, UNGLAM.
though i didn't watch the broadcast. but trust me. i look hideous.

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Friday, September 2, 2005

New weighing machine!


Cool huh? It's like stepping on eggs! :)

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