Saturday, October 22, 2005

My 19th Birthday Party!

Venue: Beach Cabana
No of Invited Guests: 35

No of Guests present: 22

No of presents: 14
Amount of fun: Priceless
No of happy thoughts collected: Infinite

Thank you Joyce for the yummy mango cake! I love it! Muacksss!

A BIG Thank you to the following special people who came early to help me with the balloons and decorations..
Mr Kns, Sneezy, Pui, Chubee & Lulu.

A big big hug and thank you to my darling Yinz who helped me prepare for the party, twirl nice orange and yellow crepe paper around the party area, and helped entertained my friends.

Thank you for the following people who turned up:
(according to who arrived first)
Yinz (My no 1 helper!)
Lee Min
Amanda (QueenBee)
XinYu (Kallang Mei)
William (Brother)
Wei Ling (Da Sao)
Joel (kor kor)
Mel Mel
Aziz (my driving

I have tons of presents! And ang paos (from daddy, aunty judy, uncle seng zai, ah mah and my mother) amounting to $390! But the money has gone to fuel, carpark fees and my own birthday pressie, my birkenstock sandals! wahahaha..

Thank you yaya, joyce, queenbee, brother, da sao, kallang mei, kor kor, hafiz, jacqueline, chun keong, jessica, cindy, see yuen, roselyn & farhan! Thank you so much for the superb/wonderful/terrific/fucking gorgeous/lovely/highly desirable/sexy/powerful SMOOTHIE BLENDER!

wah lao ehh! You people made my dreams come true lah! I was so touched i nearly cried, but got make up so cannot cry. Now i at home with my scrubed face, alone, looking at the blender i crying lor! How can like that! I don't deserve such thoughtful and wonderful friends lah!

Phillips 750W Smoothie Blender
Thank you yaya, joyce, queenbee, brother, da sao, kallang mei, kor kor, hafiz, jacqueline, chun keong, jessica, cindy, see yuen, roselyn & farhan! Thank you so much for the superb/wonderful/terrific/fucking gorgeous/lovely/highly desirable/sexy/powerful SMOOTHIE BLENDER!

Crabtree & Evelyn Purple Towel & Lavender Hand Cream
from joyce & jackie, yaya & amanda... a big special thanks to Joyce who went all over everywhere to find things i want that's on my wishlist including my eyeshadow, dkny be delicious, moisturizer.. blah.. and finally she chose 2 PURPLE (yes, she loves purple.. haha) items from Crabtree & Evelyn which we all know is famous for having freaking expensive items for sale.. -muacks-

Giodarno TINKERBELL Sleeveless Top, chocs, injection pen & a beaded necklacefrom my bestie Yinz! thanx so much! thank you for coming early to help me with the deco too. muacks muacks and more muacks!

Escada Perfumethanks to money & alvis. i saw the advert for this particular perfume in the magazine just a few days before my bday.. and i was wondering to myself: "What a lovely bottle!"... than on my bday i received it from them! Yes.. Money always knows what i like before i even start liking something. Creepy? Yes.. i think so too... She's like.. able to read in my future... tee hee hee.

Pink Billabong Handbag
thanks to Lee Min my mei mei from SPARC. She's the only sparc member that turned up though i invited quite a few. But nevertheless, who cares about the rest when my mei mei is the most important on of them all!

Royce Chocolatesfrom Aziz my driving instructor from Ubi Driving Centre. My first driving lesson was with him, though not my last cos he had an attatchment with SAF.. he's the most friendly and humourous teacher in the whole school! And not to mention shy.. cos he came to my party but ran away at the sight of all my friends! tsk tsk.

Beaded Necklaces
thanks to mel mel.. so sweet of u to take time off to come all the way down to celebrate my bday with me. =)

Helen Necklace & Earrings Setthanks to jalalulu. i love the drawing u did too. thanx a million.

Piglet Handphone Holder
thanks to my lil sista Pui! thanx joan! it's sitting on my bed and i'm using it everyday to put my handphone!

Tigger Plushie
from bryan. cos i'm born in the year of the tiger. ehhh..

A lovely mug
from my nu er faith liew ah kow! i'm using it now!

$390 in angpaos thanks to my mother, father, aunty judy, ah mah & seng zai uncle

I know i should post each and every pic and give an apt description.. but please spare me cos my internet is acting crazy again, and i'm afriad of my post being "eaten" by blogger. i hope everyone enjoyed the food and the atmosphere there.. some minor glitchs in the party, but thank god the party turned out great!

I think to many, the best part of the party is the free flow of alcoholic drinks right? hmmmm.. i think when my dad sees the bill he'll faint. or maybe it's aunty judy that'll faint. cos i think confirm more than $1000.. imagine the amount of money i'll spend on my 21st birthday! tons! cos i wanna celebrate in a disco! ask my dad to go and open one quick quick before my 21st bday! lol!


well, i didn't drink at all. Cos i already quit drinking. hahaaa. after the platform dancing thingy in DblO... -shakes head-

anyway, i need to drive also, if i drink and drive.. hmmm. Let's not even think about that. I drove everyone out of East Coast Park in 3 batches.

1st batch to Marine Parade cos they wanna play pool.

2nd batch to Bedok Mrt.

3rd batch to their houses cos they stay in Pasir Ris & Tampines (very near my house mah!)

I was reading Jessica's blog and i find it so funny that i laughed for 5mins straight nonstop!

As quoted:and about 10 plus, Jasmine drove us to Bedok MRT. she's pretty 'zai' i must say. BUT she scared the hell out of William when she said "cheong ah..."!


she forgot to mention that i went "initial D!" when i turned up and down the sharp corners without slowing down my speed. but i said "cheong ah!" for sound effect to scare brother only lah. i very safe driving one hor! if not why you think my daddy trust me with his monster car and trust me to drive the children around without an accompanying adult when i only got my license for 1 week! hmpm! don't trust me, nvm, but must trust my dad's judgement!

since Joyce was so drunk.. i kinda speed all the way back to Tampines so i can send her back to Jackie house pronto. cos firstly i scared she vomit than i panicked than i'll maybe crash or something. secondly she looked so stoned, and i was so worried that she'll faint on me (she sat in front) and i'll lose control of the steering.. or even worse she starts to beat me up in her drunken stupor! than how! so.. yah.. lucky very little cars on ECP cos around 12.45am liao..

oops. if joycee's mama reading this she gonna kill me.i was driving very safely, and your daughter was fine. sorry i didn't take good care of her cos i busy doing something at that time when she was forced to drink that lamborghini thingy....

sighh i'm such a useless "nanny".

overall, after reading this entry you'll think i am a speed demon and i am a very careless driver, not to mention stupidly daring cos i've only got my license like for barely one month. but trust me, or ask any of my passengers. I am a very safe and zai driver ok!
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My first 19th birthday gift...

Dunno if I should be surprised, shocked, happy or guilty.

the first person who wished & gave me a birthday card plus ang bao is..

*drum roll*

my mother.


i just nearly died of heart attack. she asked my maid to pass me this envelope.. and inside the green tacky SINGING card plastered with sunflowers, she wrote:

To: Jasmine Tay

You don't treat me as a mother is up to you. But in my heart you always my daughter.

I wish you Happy Birthday.
Enjoy Your Birthday. Take Care.

From Mumi.

oh gosh. she even signs off as MUMI. I nicknamed her that long ago.. and i used to sing "mumi mumi mumi.. in a rich man's world"..


inside the envelope there is a red packet with $100 inside.

I really don't know how to react. so i just put them in my cupboard.. and.. just.. hmmm.. do nothing.

everytime my birthday is round the corner, i'll feel very moody.

Esp this year, with Mr Kns feeling damn moody and thus affected my mood as well.

So moody plus infected moodiness = ultra depression.

fuck it lah.

One side of me is telling myself that Mr Kns is very stressed now over a lot of issues and i need to support him by being extra duper understanding and "guai" and not to disturb him..

But the other side of me is rebelling and asking why is my boyfriend so bo chup over my coming birthday? I don't expect him to buy me anything or what.. I just need his comments as to what party banner i should buy, what deco i should do.. what clothes to wear, what cake to buy... I just want him to accompany me.. even if we don't go to restaurants to eat or watch movies or whatever.. as long as the two of us can spend time alone together, i'm happy.

all he says is:
"Anything lah.. up to you. I don't know why you want to waste money on all this. I don't even celebrate my birthday."


today i went to watch movie ALONE, shall go and buy my birthday cake ALONE and just do everything ALONE.

sometimes i wonder.. got boyfriend.. like no boyfriend..

but then i think... my situation is quite unusual.. cos.. well. it's just unusual. so i cannot complain.

i was wondering.. sigh. if i didn't send invitations out, i shall just psyche myself to forget that 21 Oct is my birthday, and i shall just go somewhere quiet and spend the whole day ALONE and lament that no one loves me or remembers me at all..

but there are ppl who do. regardless of whether they show it or not, whether i accept it or not, or whether how fucking few of them there are.

as long as there's someone who love me, life goes on..

i'm just holding on for love. sounds stupid, but it's true.

one day when i really feel that no one loves me, or there's nothing to live for.. i'll just die.

and the number of things and ppl to live for shortens as each day goes by...

2 more days to my 19th birthday.

must.... cheer......... up!
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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Baby the Love Bird!

I have a new pet bird! Ummm... sorry. haven't thought of a name yet, so let's just call him baby.

Baby is a peach face love bird, and he is 3 months old.

I fell in love with him and bought him even though his left eye (the other side) is infected.. BUT CAN CURE ONE! NO PROBLEM! -- Mr Kns promised to heal him!

Yesterday I worked 16hrs straight! Tired like hell! afterwards i drove alone for the first time.. he heee.. picked the kids up from East Coast Park and fetched them home..
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Saturday, October 8, 2005

Best Bowling Game!

Brought the lil kids to East Coast's bowling alley... I used my personal ball which i bought last year but seldom have the chance to use.. and to my pleasant surprise, i striked on the first frame!


I mean.. my ball seldoms "listens" to me. if i want it to go straight, it'll curve.. vice versa.. first time it follows where i want it to go!!

And then, second frame i striked again! WOO HOO!! Everyone stared at me in amazement! Wahh.. suddenly Jasmine jie jie become so pro!


We had two lanes, and i shared my lane with Guan Li & my lil sis, while Mr Kns, Sean and jala used the adjacent lane.

**note the funny nicknames... haha.

Wah lau ehh! all strikes and spares can! only 2 frames kena distracted by this group of lao bengs next lane..

My final score is my personal best! 156!!!

I know a lot of people can score better than me! :( I had 3 ex-bfs who were professional bowlers/school teams and I am always reminded that I am so lousy when they dragged me to bowl with them cos they need to train/practise.. I never hit over 100 one! Haix. So lemme happy a bit k?

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Best brother in the world, William!

I remember he used to accompany me on ALL my big school projects till like at least 4am in the morning, just there to chat with me and entertain me, comfort me, keep me awake...


-plays sad music-

ever since he went steady with his first ever girlfriend.. he kinda neglected me.

sob sob.

but since i have Mr Kns, i cannot complain cos i kinda neglected him too...

heh. so we're both guilty of neglecting each other becos of our other halves.

anyway.. i just want to say..


he is like.. someone i can share anything with! can you imagine?

and he completes my sentences!

I'll go: "Wah lau eh! I'm so smart...!!"

than he'll say: "Yes yes.. you scare me."


sometimes i scare him.. not becos i am so smart lah, duh.. he's used to my "smartness".. but sometimes i complain to him about.. some.. things.. and sometimes my description of some.. things.. are too graphic and straightforward until he feel damn awkward.. he's a guy after all, and he's so.. innocent/naive/pure..


say too much again.. kua kua kua..

he'll comfort me when i am sad. he's somehow always there to chat with me when i have some problems or feeling upset becos i quarrel with Mr Kns. he'll take off his jacket even though he's freaking cold and offer it to me. i can rely on him to play card games with me becos i can't get to sleep, and he'll order room service chicken wings & fries to eat with me for supper and pay for it. i can count on him to chat with me till i fall asleep 1st than he sleep. i can literally sleep half naked with him and nothing will happen. haha. i can snatch the blanket away from him and he'll rather shiver in the cold than snatch the blanket back from me. i can take up 3/4 of the bed and he'll curl up in the far end corner of the bed so i can have more space to roll about.

i know. trust me. haha.

But brother is a pig! Sleep already very hard to wake him up!!

Anyways, I hope you and Da Sao will have a great and happy relationship and no matter how far we drift apart, there must be a string that makes us both connected as friends ok? :)
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