Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

My dad and Aunty judy bought me a bouquet of pink roses!

I know all of you are jealous. Bwuahaahahahaaa.. I think both of them scared i'll be left out of the celebrations and feel gek sim cos i'm all out of love.

Love my baby sis! :)
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Monday, February 6, 2006

Guess what these 2 people are doing?

Time: 4.45pm
Venue: Field next to Bedok Bus Interchange

The picture is damn small cos i used my V3 to zoom in. I was standing on the MRT platform.

The one standing is a adult Chinawoman. The white colour figure is her daughter, presumbly, with her ass exposed to the whole world.

I was wondering what they are doing in the middle of the field, when i saw the Chinawoman mama whipped out a piece of newspaper and place it on the ground for her daughter..


I thought we only do that to DOGS? When i bring Oreo out to relive himself, i'll place a newspaper to "catch" the shit and throw it away. But i always avoid places with many people.. cos i take in regard his feelings, cos even though he is a dog, he can be shy too right?

But this CHINAWOMAN allowed her own daughter to shit, of all places, in an open field just next to Bedok Bus Interchange where there are throngs of passerbys!

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