Friday, March 31, 2006

Football Association of Singapore

I followed my dad and Aunty Judy to Jalan Besar Stadium today... Their company is sponsoring $10,000 for one year's advertising.

Macheam Model sia!! Wheeeoooowwwweeet!!

Aunty Judy presenting the cheque..

My dad is so cute!! See! Hiak hiak hiak!

When the rich people watch soccer matches in Singapore, they do so in beautifully decorated and air-conditioned lounges with PINK arm chairs and a spectacular view of the whole playing field.
I don't know how they watch it in other countries, or how the SUPER rich watch soccer matches, but.. this is what i saw in Jalan Besar Stadium.

During half time, there's even a sumptuous buffet dinner... And i used to think only weirdos or bo liao ppl go to S-League matches. This shows how ignorant i really am about the soccer market in Singapore. The people in the VIP box were so agitated when the players played badly or missed a goal..

I think the two teams playing were 2 of the best.. SAF vs Woodlands.

Got one mad woman beside me who kept screaming... and my dad told me she donated a 7 figure sum to the Woodlands team. Sheesh. No wonder she so siao happy when the Woodlands team scored.

Anyway, my dad and aunty judy received a box of souvenirs from the Football Association.
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

JB Shopping Trip with Yaya!

Went to JB with Yaya! It was a super fun trip but Yaya made me walk across the causeway from JB to Singapore. I nearly died. OMG.

We took Bus 168 to Woodlands Interchange, Took Bus to Woodlands Checkpoint, chopped passports, took Bus 170 to JB Checkpoint and walked in to our first destination, City Square!

Macheam tourists.. but on second thoughts.. WE ARE TOURISTS!

The first thing we do is to... EAT!! City Square has limited food choices, compared to JusCo, so we decided on Kenny Rogers!

The Kenny's Quater set meal is only RM$12.90 and comes with 3 side dishes instead of 2 when you eat in Singapore. And the price is.. downright cheap lah!! They even serve you instead of you lining up to get your food.

*btw we keep thinking about Joyce, and imagining what she'll say or do if she's there. how i wish she can go the next time we go.

Dig in!!

Yaya says: "Joyce! Look! Mushroom soup! Yummy!!!"
Hiak hiak hiak... I think we're so evil. heee!

Walking around, window shopping.. than we saw this ultra hip and cool shop. Walked nearer and realized the clothes are actually revolving around the display! Looks like a project some of our classmates came up with last year..


ok, so anyone who knows me or who is studying at SP with me knows i love Charmy Ice. (even if they dunno the name of the product)

Cos when SP has a bazaar and the charmy ice stall came, i ate FOUR bowls a day. 4 fucking bowls. You'll never belive it until you see for yourself. The most i ate in a day was 6!

And though it's not cheap, the guy tending the stall knows me so well, he give me extra ingredients!

So imagine my reaction when i saw the banner for Charmy Ice at City Square.. I nearly went mad!!

We found the stall!! Yay!!

But the service damn slow.. Booo!!

After that we went to take neoprint. Quite expensive, RM30!

And the girl treated us like idiots. Like we dunno how to use the machine like that.PLEASE LOR! We are Singaporeans! Experts at such neoprint machines can!But i give her face lah. Let her hao lian a bit. She even took one of the design screen cos she thot we too slow and stupid to design ourselves. But please lor!! I design nicer and FASTER than her can!

In the end, still must wait 15 mins for our neoprints.. But they cut and put in plastic for you. So.. funny right? hahaha.. We laugh until like mad inside cos the machine was belting out techno music and going: "1, 2, 1, 2, 3 CLICK!"..


Yaya lurve Aunt Annie's Pretzels!
But i am on a diet (don't laugh!!) So i didn't eat... sigh.

The service is so good lah! She let us try all 12 colours of the range they have. Each and every colour! One by one, and even told us: "If you don't want to buy also never mind! =)"

Wah lau ehhh!! Where to find such good service you tell me!!!!

My new grey coloured contact lens! Only S$17.60! How can i not buy? Her service and persuasion skills are so good! *sobs*

This is me on the cab, on the way to Holiday Plaza, which we thought is a cool shopping haven but in the end kena cheated cos we went there before 2 months ago. But the good thing is, the shop where we went to the other time is located here, so at least we can do our manicure and pedicure here!

Yaya is in love with green colour. Madness.

I am a happy girl. Pink lover in a pink themed shop with pink painted nails!

We went to Black Canyon at JusCo 

Yaya is in love with the food there cos it's all thai food. Everytime we go overseas confirm eat thai food. Like the KLCC where she flooded my noodles with 5 kinds of chillies......

Yaya the siao char bo.

Anyway... the thai green curry is shiok! Yum yum! RM$12.95 only! And the ChiangMai Romance is really good! RM$7.50! And it's worth it! It is a ice blended of Lychee and mixed yogurt. Like yakult with lychee....! Yummy!!

The service was so great that we tipped them quite generously (for us poor ppl).

My favourite buy!

Heels from Vincci! It's so nice!!!! Swoons. I bet you girls are jealous! Heee heee.

But i find walking in it quite difficult cos it's my highest heels ever. And since i'm already so tall.. it makes it more difficult. But for beauty's sake.. NO PROBLEMO!

Closer view of my pedicure!

We forgot to take pics of our nails. But my hands are painted pink, while Yaya's hands are green and legs are purple.

Yes. Purple! Joyce will lurve it! Hiak hiak hiak.Anyway, we were walking around.. and we stumbled on the BEST green tea ice cream you can find (at least outside of Japan cos Japan has the best of the best green tea ice cream. They invented it! Duhh!!) Phooarrr!!

We wanted to share one cone, but when i lick one mouth, i told Yaya solemenly..
"Buy another one. It's fucking good."

And she was like "Huh? Sure a not?"

But after she tasted it, woah! She didn't hesitate to order another one. It was so good, i wanted to steal the whole machine home....!!

How i wish it was this big. But...

It was only so small.

Nevertheless.. good things come in small packages.

And it's... mmmmm-mmmmmmmmmm...!!

Look at the yummy cakes!

I bet they're all fake. Cos no cakes can look so nice and taste good.


Anyway, there's a giant BreadTalk at JustCo! Coolness! And it's full of customers! Maybe it'll be some time before they realize it's just not worth it to pay so much for a bun that has floss on it.
And the best thing that i bought (and ate)...

BubbleYum's out of production CottonCandy Bubblegum!

I tell u, i've been searching for 6 whole years for it! They've stopped production for the stick ones, but they have stocks for this, BUT there's only one in the whole fucking shop.

So the uncle gave me his name card to call and ask if there's new stocks a not. If there is, i'll buy them all! You can't find these anymore!!!!!!

Anyway, that pretty much sums up the trip. Only 36 pics cos Aunty Judy's camera has limited memory space. Till the next time... Whoopeee!!Btw, we're going 3 weeks later, and we're jioing people to go. I'll most probably be driving in to avoid WALKING BACK the causeway, and i will never ever walk. NEVER! And it's so troublesome to change so many buses, climb so many stairs and line up with smelly sweaty ppl to chop our passports.
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tomato Purse!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Outfitters @ Plaza Singapura

You'll never belive it, but i spent an arm and leg.. and maybe a lung of mine for this pair of earrings. I love it! One of a kind! Not those 4 for $10 type! They only have one piece made for each design. Definate coolness! =D And the furry yellow pouch.... It's so... soft, smooth... nice.

But it broke today! I accidently pulled one of the trinket out when i combed my hair!

Nothing cures my moodiness and sadness that a bout of serious retail therapy.

All from the same shop. Cos i like the clothes, and the service is impeccable!

And the packaging is so nice! I know it's a marketing gimmick, but the black bag used to hold the t-shirts is so soft... so.. oooh la la!!

Go go go and have a look at their clothes!

Outfitter Girls at Plaza Singapura Basement One.

But they are no machine-washable. So i have to hand wash them! The horrors!

Btw, i gave away a lot of my old clothes for recycling/donation.. Anyone with excessive clothes, like lots and lots of clothes, please pass it to me and i'll donate it for you.


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Monday, March 13, 2006

God Bless Ah Mah!

She's at Tan Tock Seng now.. her heart stopped for 15mins before the docs managed to bring her back to life.

Bless the dedicated doctors who never gave up and kept on trying to revive her.

I cried like mad.. worried, anxious and upset.

Nearly crashed and had an accident on the way there while I was driving up..

I nearly beat up the security guard who refused to let me up to see her cos he needed me to sign in and asked lots of stupid qns when other visitors just walked passed him and he didn't bothered about them. My case is an emergency and why must he stop me? So what if he's doing his job? Why let the others in without checking?

If *touch wood* i didn't managed to see her one last time before she go, I'll murder him.

But thank god, she's better now. Still in ICU, but at least she's off the pacer and her heart is beating by itself.

She's still dependent on the respirator machine to help her breathe though..

Hope she get well real soon.

I'm very worried cos i'm closer to her than my own mother. I grew up living in the same house with her and she's my favourite elder in the whole world.

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Living alone in my Bedok House~

My little "garden" outside my home.

The rose that Mr Kns gave me and my climbing plant which has heart shaped leaves. :) Super cute!

My story books! :)

My bedroom.. with my keyboard and my "Marie" Puzzle at the corner of the room.

My "entertainment" corner.. With my cable TV.. and my toys.. Together with my shoes.. My HIGH HEEL shoes. laa dee dahh.. Love singlehood! No men to stop me from wearing heels!

Hello bear bears!

My second hand fridge.. with my complete collection of Hello Kitty Magnets..

That's it. I left out the kitchen cos it's a storeroom.. and the toilet is very small... So.. that's about it. My little threehouse. =) Living alone rocks! But I do miss living in a bigger house with my siblings.. :(

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