Sunday, May 28, 2006

Malacca Trip

The inital plan was to ride bike there with Pipimon's friends.. And Pipimon will ride his bike.
But how to put my luggage in his bike! I always overpack! What about shopping! And they leaving at 2pm under the hot sun, i'll melt!! Need to wear long pants long sleeves, covered shoes, helmet and gloves! WAH LAO EH!!

So Pipimon suggested we drive there, but go earlier, and meet them in Malacca.. cos if we move off together very waste time.. Why waste time? Cos his friends ride bike at speeds of 190km/hr to 235km/hr.How fast can a Hyundai Matrix chiong with a Gold Wing or ST1100?

Nice right their bikes?

Hiak hiak.. Everywhere they go they attract stares and crowds.. I mean, it's so rare to see a Gold Wing on the roads, let alone a group of Gold Wings.. And i think the uncles relish the attention showered on them.. Anyway.. The maximum speed Pipimon pushed my car was 160km/hr.. not too bad. I thought it'll break into mini pieces when we reached 130km/hr.. We left SG around 9plus, stopped at Ayer Keroh RnR to buy BASKIN ROBBINS ice cream, and reached A'Famosa at 12noon, and we went to the Water Park!

Damn lousy lah.. the place.. but.. it's so huge!! They have a mini zoo inside! I think the whole area is like the size of Bedok!! They have beautiful stand-alone bungalows, Paintball, Go Kart racing, Hang Glider.. so fun can! But the water park cannot make it lah. Wild wild Wet better. Only redeeming thing was the high high slide.. woah. Damn high, steep and fast! My shorts nearly got washed away when u slide down! Exhilarating!!

Me and Pipimon took pictures with a baby tiger! Hee hee. RM21 for one piece. There were baby elephants, a smelly orang utan and a lovely albino snake..

We left around 3pm and drove to Malacca (Melaka) Town..The bikers haven't reach yet, so we went to look for something to eat.. and we ate...


One plate for RM2 only can! That's like 85 cents lah!!!

Wah lao ehh! I nearly fainted. And the portion is so huge! And it's delicious!!!

One cup of sugarcane is RM1!! No added sugar! Naturally super sweet!!! So yummy yummy!

One of Pipimon's friend brought his son, Manfred.. and i must say, he's one of the cutest K.I.D.S around!
He's drooling, clambering, sweet and adorable! Reminds me of my younger bro, Sean when he was a baby and can't talk and ask me stupid qns. Damn cute lah!!! And he keep wanting me to carry him! Heee hee..

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Kuala Lumpur (01-03May)


Stayed at Concorde Hotel....

There were more people than this. All hiding one corner drinking coffee.. uncles what.. all camera shy.

The Loot!
2 Juicy Couture Bags
1 handmade necklace
1 gucci envy me
2 pair of shorts

Planet Hollywood for dinner... Aziz's best friend was the manager... I was treated like a princess there can....!! :)

Mushroom Rib Eyed Steak... lovely..
After that we went to The Ship.. There got Live Band, and Sexy Divas show..

One bunch of fun people! =D

Especially AH BOON! (Squashed face behind me)

After brekkie, went to Time's Square!

Time's Square Baskin Robbins.

Came back to my dad's place and spent the day nua-ing around with my sister..

My new bag!! I know you are jealous.. =P~

Oreo is the cutest. Cuter than Monster (money's dog).. wahahahaa...!!
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