Sunday, September 10, 2006

Siblings Day!

My brother and sister came over to my little ThreeHouse at Bedok. Tabby calls it the TreeHouse but I renamed it to Three cos it's on the 3rd floor. Hahahahaha! We baked apple crumble and after that, ordered KFC!

Looks so yummylicious!

The KFC man said the delivery time will be 1 hour.. But he came in 20mins! YAY!


Hahahhaa.. And obviously I WON! YAY! After that, it's time for cookie baking! My sister messed up the place again.. but it's alright. Haha. I changed the recipe, and it turned out ok! It tastes like danish cookies instead of just plain cookies! HAHA!!

And to make it more special, i added confectionery sugar and some sprinkles!

My sister chose 13 and she's giving them to her friend for her 13th birthday present...! =D
Hopefully it will be crunchy when she opens it and tries them..

After that, i wrapped them up and.. Ta Da!

Oreo knows the protocol.
After going for a walk, straight to the water dish to drink some water, than trot after me to the kitchen with me to clean his paws.

He's so smart, just like me, he scares u all.. =D

Oreo is buried in all the homework and mess we created.

She asked me to read her Xing Qi Wu Zhou Bao or Friday newspaper or something.. and help her choose an article to do his newspaper report. CHINESE!! I burned 2 million brain cells trying to read the above article in blue. I have to summarize for her and help her do her conclusion. Thankfully she knows how to translate my english mumblings to chinese wordings.

Oreo advises u to SAY NO TO DRUGS!

I stayed up till almost 7am in the morning to help my sister to do this "SAY NO TO DRUGS" Brochure. She better get an A for this!
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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Queen's Day at my home!

I woke up very early to prepare the food. Yesterday i slept at 3am...! I cleaned the house for so many hours! And finally, the house is so clean!

My sister and Oreo arrived first..


Preparing the ingredients while watching TV.

It's called multi-tasking. Haha.

My sister took a pic of me cooking in the kitchen while she's enjoying her roast chicken..

And later, the Queens arrived.

Queens without Joyce.
Again. As usual. Expected.

See the outline? Joyce supposed to be sitting there.
Spent the day eating, watching tv, chatting, eating, watching tv, chatting...
After watching SpongeBob, and tons of chinese programs...

And after eating plates after plates of french fries, shitake mushrooms, tidbits, fruits and lots of other stuff...

we got tired of eating and sitting around doing nothing.. so... we decided to play....

UNO! UNO TIME! It's my Cars Uno Set! =D

Oreo enjoying the breeze of the fan...

got bored.. and went around peeking at our cards..

and he settled beside money.

Oreo likes Money's butt. Yummy!

Yayapapaya so yayapapaya.

Pui is on a losing streak... but trying to act tough.

Oreo barks at Money when she gets too distracted to continue playing..

And she nevers forget to put cards after that. haha.

Look at the little circle below! Marie! Thanks girls!

This cheese is so old school!

Anyone remembers the advertisement for this cheese? I remembered two.
1) School children snatching over the cheese
2) Something about a mooing cow.

Got different flavours.. but they didn't finish it.. And i don't eat this kinda cheese.. SO WHO'S GONNA FINISH THE REMAINING CHEESE IN THE FRIDGE?!?!

Guylian Chocolates and Chocolate rolls!I swear they wanna revenge and make me fat cos i keep feeding them the whole day. haha.

I brought Oreo down and he got attacked by ants.. so i gave him a bath!

Removed all the ants, blow dry him.. and he smells and his fur feel oh-so-good!
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Saturday, September 2, 2006

Singapore Zoo!


Pipimon brought me to the zoo.

And i nearly fell asleep on the way there because:
  1. It's fucking far
  2. I sleep at 6am everyday and i had to wake up at 8am!
Pipimon's company sponsered an animal at the zoo, and the staff gets to visit the zoo for free!

Btw, we walked the whole park and didn't found out with animal the company sponsered.. Hahaha. Then, Pipimon says CDC sponsers the trams instead of animals.. *lame*

Admits 4 adults, so we asked a malay guy if he wants us to bring his 2 teenage daughters in so he can save like $30++? He was so happy but later when we passed by him in the zoo, he pretended not to know us and just ignored us.
Animal Show
10.30am & 2.30pm
We watched the 10.30am one... they changed the program. Last time got python and elephant.. Now only got this monkey that looks like a dog, the otter picking up cans and a swimming sealion.

Newly renovated amphitheatre.
(I've not been to the zoo in years)

I got this lovely shot when i used my camera's "shoot and select function" where the camera takes 10 shots in 1 sec frame continuosly.. loop the loop!

Train ride ticket to Children's World!

U can buy this coupon, take unlimited tram and train rides!! No need to walk in the hot sun!

The little goat that looked lost and retarded standing like a stone statue... like literally.. stoned.

A fucked up man came and grabbed the horns and went:
"Eh eh eh! KAMBING SOUP! SEDUP! Aku nat makan!"

so fucking cheebye. he called the goat 'mutton soup' and say he wanna eat it.

Moooooo Moooooooooos!!

Pot-bellied Pigs

The Fragile Forest

Lots of insects, bugs and frogs.
Nothing that interests me.. haha.

Hissing Cockroaches... I remember than in Fear Factor.. contestants have to eat this!! SMELLY!

Beetle on a bananna---boat!!!
Yes I so boliao I drew the stupid boat.

I wanna go to Australia! And the only way i can get there for free.. is to stow-away as an animal...

Australian Kangarooooooo....

This is not mama and baby hippo.
It's the Nile Hippo vs. Pgmy Hippo. Both are full grown adult size.

Pit your height against the polar bear!

With the white Bengal Tigers!

There are 3 different tigers, each with different temperments, features and names.

I wonder why the giraffes are so short.. i mean.. aren't they supposed to be really really taalllll??!?!

We saw lots of other animals like..
  1. fucking giagantic crocs that fucking splashed water on me!
  2. orang utans and other primates
  3. many snakes, incl. the most poisonous snake in the world, taipan.
  4. white rhinos. muddy. smelly. big. 10,000 left in the world.
  5. giant turtles
  6. PINK flamingos (the babies are hot pink)
  7. tapirs. lazy. camoflauged. sleeping.

The Orchid Garden

It's fun. The weather's great.. But there's nothing like "wow. amazing" stuff.

Maybe it's because 90% of the info and trivia they show/display i already know by heart (from watching hours and hours of programs from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet & National Geographic)....

So if u wanna be a know-it-all on useless info and knowledge like me... watch lots of DOCUMENTERIES!
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