Saturday, November 11, 2006

Money's birthday party!

She told me at "Tanah Merah Chalet". It's actually Safra Country Club. Lol! It's a very nice place.. used to hang out there when i was a kid cos my parents used to be members, and they used to bring me there every single week. We couldn't find the unit.. walked around and around... still cannot find! Until I heard my baby's voice... and i followed the direction that the voice was coming for... Yupz! Found it! Hahahahahhaaa..

Birthday Kiss for a Birthday girl!
(This was taken at the end of the party, but i love this pic! So i'll put it as the first one!!!)

Joyce arrived after a while..

She came in her $100 pair of heels. According to her, she tried on the shoes, like the fit.. went to the counter without asking the price.. and realized it's $100.. so she paiseh to refuse it and ended up buying it.

Pipimon very mean.. ahahaha. He kept following her around to take pictures of her shoes, and even hide it on the ceiling beams so she cannot find!!! Hahahahaha.

Ok.. so we sat around.. chit chat.. eat.. and it's time for...
"Operation Make Joyce Drunk"!

Here's Joyce.. Sober, sweet and sane.

Here's Joyce.. gulping down vodka with cherryade at lightning speed (cos she wanted to leave early to attend another party)

Here's Joyce, a bit tipsy, a bit drunk, very stoned..
Well.. after one cup, Pipimon kept on instigating her to drink more and more and more..... cos she wanna leave early, and Pipimon says if she don't drink, means she never give face and that means she cannot leave...

So she super stressed.. and drink until become like that... Poor drunk Joyce.. she vomitted so many times some more! *sayang*

Yaya had to prop her up cos she cannot walk !!

Money with her presents from the Queens!

Well.. time to cut cake!
Luckily they managed to buy one.. and it's really really delicious! Very chocolatey, lots of nuts, cream, cookie bits... but very fattening also lah! (And fun to play with.. later you'll see why)

Pipimon, Kelvin, Money & Me!

Ehh.. Where is Joyce????

Oh.. She's sitting in the corner.. dead drunk. We had to drag her over....She's so drunk, she can't even stand up!!!! Poor thing.. I'll whack Pipimon for forcing you to drink ok? *whack whack!!*

Birthday Boy & Birthday Girl...

(few days & few years apart)

By the way.. i said the cake was "fun to play with" right?
Wanna know why?

Hahahahahaha. This is the reason why. =D
I love you baby!
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