Monday, June 25, 2007

Books to read! Yay!

During every school holidays, the National Library will give everyone double borrowing quota. So instead of 4 books, one person can borrow 8! =D And since i have Money's library card, and Pipimon's NTUC card... i can borrow 24 books! WHOOPEE!

I wanted to borrow "Sherman's Lagoon" Comic books.. so i asked Pipimon to bring me to Marine Parade Library cos they had a wide range of Sherman's Lagoon books when i went there last year... But in the end.. i only got my hands on ONE.

All the way there, and i only found one.... so.. I ended borrowing a wide variety of books.

Books on Etiquette

Guidebooks on DisneyWorld Orlando

I found one Archie Comic book! I'm shocked! Archie Comics in NLB??? Anyway, i have 3 weeks to finish all these books, and i'm sure i can finish them before the deadline..
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