Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday Wany!

Happy 21st Birthday Waninoko!

I went to Marina Square to watch Transformers (for the second time) with Wany and her friend Jason! I LOVE TRANSFORMERS! Thank you Wany for the treat! =D May you win more free movie vouchers so we can watch many many movies together!!!

After the show, i went back to my mum's shop for a while before going down to Circular Road's Pitstop.. where we didn't had fun and everyone was feeling pissed cos of that bitch and her bitchy attitude.. so.. we changed place!

Yummy Hilton Hotel Marble Cheesecake..

We went to PartyWorld at Tanjong Pagar.. cos after the Pitstop incident, we were too sian to celebrate there... so we headed on to Partyworld to.. umm.. Party! It's so much cheaper than K-box! Almost half price, and the wider songs selection! Thanks to Chai Li (pretty girl in green) who treated me as well as Wany for the karoke session. Guys have to pay themeselves. WAHAHAHAH!

Wany, Chai Li, Jason, Lionel and..... i forgot what's his name. Oops. But he has quite a good voice.
I'm the odd one out, cos they're all poly-mates.. but i very easy click with people one. Cos i very accomadating and easy-going.

Anyways, i went to carry the cake in for Wany cos the staff all quite busy... I had to balance the cake and knife and serviettes and open the door ok! Multi tasking!!

Guys always like to hide in the corner. Anti-social behaviour. lol.

2 of her friends went back early cos they got curfew... so left the 6 of us instead of 8 people.

Make a wish make a wish~~~

"I wish i can be young forever..."


Cut cake the pose so swee somemore. haha.

And now.. it's presents time! I know what's their gift.. cos Jason told me in the afternoon but i told him not to tell Wany. Surprise more fun mah. Guess what they bought her? You'll never guess lor. Heavy, in a box... bought from Taka.


But Wany so lazy, i think she rather go outside and buy than make herself. HAHAHA.
Now it's my turn...

My gift very thoughtful one. Cos i put many thoughts inside until full. hur hur.

Got sunblock (for her taiwan trip), skin food voucher.... many more... :) Hope you like them Wany!

A personalized charm bracelet with her initials, fave fruits... key to freedom.... starfish and a SAC uniform lookalike cos we met in Saint Anthony's Canossian Sec! =D  6 of us in the tiny room.. super hot lor! I fanning myself until my hands numb.. so i asked them to upgrade our room, cos since we paying for middle room package, why we stuck in small room (at first no space).. Wany & Chai Li so cold in the new upgraded room.

But sing song a bit than warm up liao.. Esp Jolin Tsai's songs..

I realized everyone is singing the same songs!

No matter which bunch of friends i go to Kbox/Partyworld with.. it's ALWAYS the same few songs.

I love you Wany! Thanks for the great day~ And friends forever!!!
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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Witians! :)

The witty and sarcastic trio! We called ourselves that in Secondary Two when we were sitting together in class and Tabby was stuck with a communist bitch from China as a sitting partner with the SAME SURNAME. Wahahahaa!

It's Wany's birthday so we are dining at our fave restaurant at the moment, Waraku @ Marina Square! :)

After dinner, me and Wany went to watch Harry Potter Order of the Phoniex. Wany had free tickets! YIPPPEEE!

Tabby leaving for Australia.. yet again. Wany leaving for Taiwan for her comicbook-spree shopping madness. I wanna flyaway also. =(
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