Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adil & Lela's Wedding

On the way to Commonwealth! :)

I don't understand the part where the bride & groom don't socialize with the guests and just stay up on the stage/podium and look pretty and take posed pictures? And there's this fucking irritating "Mak Whatever-bitch-who-is-supposedly-the-carer-&-makeup artist" hovering around the couple, showing her cheebye attitude problem face and not allowing you to go near the couple to take picture unless you have her prior approval. WAH PIANG! Must ask permission to take photo one meh? KNN. She even glared at the couple and give them hand signals and instructions on how to sit and pose.

Pipimon say she is the "Mak Endam".. The makeup artist and the 'minder'.

Maybe it's the way Malay weddings work, and this is the "tradition"...
But too bad lor, my wedding (if both of us get married) will not be a "traditional malay wedding" lor, it will be a FUN, LOUD, PINK, FUSION wedding.

Maybe I'll get Hello Kitties as the mascot of the day.. WAHAHAHAH!

And talking about the grumpy old woman..Well, a big FUCK YOU lor. I hate grouchy people.. somemore at my wedding. Sheesh. Kick your fat ass then you know!

Anyway, the food was good, much better than the previous few weddings I've been too... I think the bride likes Pink colour too, cos everything is in pink! Even the wedding cake..

And the table cloth, and the chairs....

But Pipimon hates pink cos he says it's "everybody's favourite colour" and everyone he knows likes pink.
He is such a generalizer (if there is such a word).

Wah piang. Just becos he knows 3 persons out of the 3000 (or more) people he knows that likes Pink colour, he says EVERYBODY he knows like pink.
Yaya likes green lor.
Money likes orange lor.
Joyce likes purple lor.

Which one of them likes pink????


That's why sometimes I hate him so much cos he like to use stupid non-existent facts to argue and prove his silly point and refuse to give in and say I am unreasonable cos I never back down from an argument.
So now to prevent disagreements, he just ignores me and let me talk to myself.

So typical of men hor?

Anyway, here's the door gift..

One thing bad about Malay weddings is.. who is who at the wedding? What if someone wolfing down the food is my mad neighbour (anyone of them.. i have so many mad neighbours) that I didn't invite to the wedding and he is just there for the free food? And he brought his own tupperware to tabao??? And even steals the chairs for his own use????!?!?!?!

So I told Pipimon that I will hire bouncers to bounce people I didn't invite out of the place and entry is STRICTLY by invitation only!

I will have 3 power women (Money, yaya & Joyce) screening each person before letting them through, and they must come with gifts/money! No empty handed freeloader allowed! Yaya will shout "FREELOADER! CHEAPO-PO ALERT!", than Money will karate chop them with her monkey kung-fu and Joyce will stuff fishballs in their mouths and kick their butts!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Internet Cafe

I am at the 24 hours internet cafe near our Farrer Park house cos our internet connection is not set up yet... and I am uploading my pictures onto Facebook... and while waiting for the uber slow Facebook to upload my pictures... I was toying with the webcam and had so much madness time laughing while posing... kekekeke.

But those stupid people keep coming to peer into my "booth" to see what I am doing. KAYPOH FREAKS!!

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