Monday, November 3, 2008

Birthday Pressies!

Replying emails, answering calls, dealing with crazy & difficult customers..Well, all this stress has gave me extra frown lines, but strangely, I am enjoying it! Wahahahahaa. But it's fun to be back~! In this craziness and stress. On my first day of work, I had pressies!
Hello Kitty Stuff brought back by Micheal from Japan and a Biotherm night serum from my manager Jennifer. So sweet of them to remember! :)

Went out with Pipimon yesterday to Vivocity.
We watched The Coffin and had dinner at Thai Express (again. hahahahaa) Pipimon didn't really understand the movie... cos there was lots of talking and not really much of scary ghosts floating around.


I bought Golden Kiwis just now! I was super tired after work, but went all the way to Vivocity's Giant Supermarket to buy them, cos it's cheaper there. $3.75 for a box of 4! I save $2.25 x 4 = $9! Compared to buying from Chinatown's rip-off fruit stall uncle who sells $6 for a box of 4.

Now i have lots of kiwis! Yum yum yum!Golden Kiwis has a hybrid taste/texture/colour of all my favourite fruits. Taste a bit like: phillipines mango + dole banana + sarawak pineapple + spain melon

I think I've devoured like 200 kiwis in the past few months. Wahahahahahaaaa....! Hopefully it is not a "seasonal fruit" so I can eat it all year round without having to wait!

For example, my favourite spain melon is only in season from September to October. Any other months, it is not as sweet nor succulent. So I have to wait 10 months before the next "Spain Melon Season" to eat it again. And it's freaking difficult to find the original! And even if I find the original, sometimes it is not sweet cos they harvest it too early. Most places sell China Melons and try to pass them off as Spain Melons. Like duh!?!? I know the difference lor. Same colour, but different texture and size!
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