Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flying to Taiwan on 7Mar


Received news today that I will be leading a tour to Taiwan next Saturday.

The main highlight of my tour will be... the HELLO KITTY FERRIS WHEEL in DreamMall!

So excited.. maybe i'll take a ride on the Ferris Wheel when my customers are busy shopping at the DreamMall Shopping centre.. which is reportedly one of the largest in Taiwan.


Hmmm. Shall go and sleep. Tomorrow is my OFF day.. or shall I say today? Cos it's already 4.30am in the morning...
I'm going to the library later to return all the library books I borrowed the other day. Now must save money, so I never buy anymore storybooks. I'm becoming so thrifty, I'm scaring myself.. But what to do? Times are bad. Need to save money!

Hope Pipimon will accompany me to the library.. than I'll ask him to bring me to the $7.90 high tea at Bugis. :) Hee hee hee!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Suntec Roadshow Day 1

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Spent the whole day at Suntec for my company's travel roadshow. It's super hot cos the spotlight was concentrated on our seats.. and there are many weird enquiries from people..

Strangely there's not much people holding flowers around today. Maybe the economic downturn resulted in people being more frugal..

Anyway.. 6 more weeks to my Perth Trip! Can't wait!! :)
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Friday, February 13, 2009

BREAKOUT @ Esplanade

Watched the show with Betty, Seto & Elson!

It's the most fabulous show ever! Funny, entertaining, engaging.. fun fun fun!

I laughed until I nearly faint, and I clapped so hard until my hands hurt. It's really really really nice! My favourite part was when they was escaping in the tunnel with the doll bodies attached to their heads, and the part where they did the group exercise together. Super funny. You have to watch to understand what i'm trying to say. Hahaha. AIYO!! VERY NICE!!

Hope my sister will enjoy the show tomorrow as well.


Had supper at Esplanade with them after the show... Yummy yummy!

Whilst Betty is queuing up for the food, we bought Sugarcane juice for her..

Betty: AIYO! Sugarcane very high calories ah!
Me: HUH?? Than what is these 3 plates of food? No calories meh???
Betty: These 3 not counted.....!

kua kua kua... hahahahahahaa!

Seto, Betty, Me (Elson taking the picture for us)


Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be posted at Suntec for the travel fair roadshow.
Time to entertain the MS and CPP Singaporeans......

kua kua kua~
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

BreakOut Performance tmr!


Pipimon is sleeping now.. and I'm watching Jay Chou 2007 concert DVD which Janice mummy lent me.. i think it belongs to her son or daughter.. haha.

Not bad.

I am looking for Jacky Chueng's 2004 concert. Please tell me if you know where I can get it.

I got a free ticket to watch Breakout at Esplanade tomorrow! It's a Korean performance of break dancing and freestyle dance.. the other time when I went to Korea, my guide brought us to watch ChongDong Theater instead of Breakout. Wah piang. ChongDong is damn ding dong lor. Only high class ppl will appreciate.. I remember dozing off after 5 mins, and i went out after 10mins. SIBEH SIAN.

But thank god I won a free ticket to watch! 4 of my other colleagues are going tomorrow. 5 of us are the "fastest fingers" to email our product planner for the tickets when she broadcasted it.

Yay yay yay!

My sister also watching the performance.. use Edusave and pay somemore! Siao siao.

Last time my Edusave only paid for stupid field trips to frog farms, mushroom farms.. now can go Esplanade watch show you know! Piangz.

My favourite product planner left the company for greener pastures.. super sad. Cos she's really nice and helped/taught me a lot. I am really gonna miss u Yenling! Must remember me always, not as the irritating girl who keeps calling you to ask for extra seats, for extra discounts.. but as the loud & crazy girl who's always trying to cheer up your day. :) Anyway, 3 of us (Nat, Vivien & Me) bought her a cute green soft toy - green is CTC's coporate colour, and a farewell card. We also took a polaroid with her. Hope she liked it.

Anyway, my finance control is in a mess this month. Too much going out, too little coming in. Pipimon is nagging at me.. gotta tighten up my belt!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ETA Seminar @ Australian High Commission

Went for a training session at Aus High Com today.

Wah piang. The weather damn bloody hot, the air is so polluted that it's difficult to breathe, and have to walk so far.


We went to the beautiful gate at Botanical Gardens to take pictures! I always wanted to go there and take picture, but Pipimon always drive so fast when we pass by the gate.. so never got a chance to snap a pic..

Vivien, Me & Nathaniel.

I keep mentioning the two of them.. so by now I think you should know how they look like.

Vivien very funny and straightforward.. something i admire alot. :)
Nathaniel.. ehh. Sometimes he needs a punch or two, but he's really sweet and helpful.

See? This type of photo also take.. PUNCH NAT!

Me, Vivien & Aishah

Thanks Aishah for bringing us along to the seminar!

Escape from office (YAY!), but into the heat and pollution (BOO!).

I like this picture a lot, cos Vivien look so cute!!!!

We went to Plaza Singapura to have ICE MONSTER desserts before going home.

Yummy yummy!
Okie, more pictures in my Facebook account.. =D
I go sleep liao. Super tired... i blogged halfway, then fell asleep on my laptop, and woke up cos my face was "burnt" by the heat of the laptop.
so kua kua kua right?

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Australia Embassy Seminar


Vivien, Nat and I went to to Australian Embassy for a seminar today.. 

Walked over to the beautiful gates at Singapore Botanic Gardens to take a picture before going to Plaza Singapura for dinner :)
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