Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fun day out with Wany & Jason!

We went to watch Crows II Zero at Vivocity, which is quite a lame show of teenagers fighting each other to gain control of their high school. Why is it lame? Cos they do not need to attend lessons, and from the previous instalment and this show, I don't see ANY teachers at all. So it's like an empty building with groups of good looking Japanese Ah Bengs fighting each other to be the overall leader of the whole school. In Part 2, they ended up joining forces to fight a rival school, and win.

Yada yada, brotherhood and stuff. But quite fun cos one of the gang leader is quite short and cute, and I call him pikachu. LOL! In Part 1 someone in the movie commented that he is like a pokemon.. cute but deadly. (-_-)

Anyways.. after the movie we wanted to go to jPot for steamboat (yummiest steamboat in town), but they were closed till 6pm... so we decided to go to Central for Ramen then to Liang Court's Partyworld to sing-song talk cock since it's off peak hours for karaoke.

I had this ramen plus charsiew rice set with salad.

They had the large bowls of ramen with pork cheeks (above).
Wah. The pork cheeks damn nice! Next time if I go I will have theirs instead.. cos the rice has too much onions and too little pork. Moreover these pork cheeks are like limited quantities cos there's only so little cheek meat in a pig.
It's at Level 2, Central @ Clarke Quay

We had ice cream after the ramen.
30% off if we ordered before 5pm. We damn cheapo, but I like it. LOL! 2 scoops for $3! wahahahaha.

For some strange reason, they have those musical instruments and clappers in the room.. including a leg massager. Wah. Party world trying to inject new fun into singing ah?

Super fun day. :)
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hello Kitty Engagement Rings


The bride’s ring has Hello Kitty prominently on the outside, Hello Kitty is hidden on the inner circle of the ring on the groom’s ring, so the groom will not lose his "manliness" by wearing this, yet able to fulfil the bride's hello kitty craze.

The platinum Hello Kitty wedding rings run S$2835 (189,000 Yen) with the bride’s ring getting two minuscule diamond chips (0.02ct ) added to either side of Hello Kitty’s face. And they are Pepto Bismol pink colour!
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mr Bean

I miss this sooooooo much!

Mr Bean had this last month cos of the National Day holidays.. I ate this everyday for 2 weeks! Hahaha! Now all the pearls are black colour instead of red. Call me bo liao, but i prefer the red ones....... so now I don't eat them anymore. :(
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Packing my room

Can someone invent the machine to convert stuff back into money? I was packing my room the other day... and look at the mess!

I told you my stuff will magically multiply when I am not looking...I managed to throw out a lot of useless stuff which I bought when I young and rich. (Now i am old and poor).Found a few stuff which brought back happy memories... :D

My SP pass.. with the red lanyard which represents Business school. We had to wear this thing during Marketing Lecture in Year One, other than that.. no one bothers to wear it except use it to book the computer terminals in the libraries. Haha.

Lots of Star cruises keychains!

My mum used to like bringing me and my siblings to take cruises cos she can go to the casino and leave the 3 of us running around since the ship is a contained environment and we won't get lost unless we jump into the ocean or something.Look! My siblings so small and cuddly right? Wahahahahha. Those were like the happiest days of my life. No need to worry about work, school (i damn slack one), housework, and have two little mini slaves to torture and play with. Hahahahahaaa.

I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and Pipimon finished the whole box in one sitting.I think he ate until he sore throat. Silly boy!
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Friday, September 4, 2009

My topmost shelf

Most of my soft-toys are in storage or in the rubbish dump.. but a few made it to my VIP shelf.
  1. Sarubobo from Japan
  2. Domo-kun, kidnapped from my sister
  3. 2 Birds that actually sings & chirps when you squeeze them, from Jurong Bird Park that Pipimon wrestled from other kids
  4. Kangaroo + Koala from Perth Australia which Pipimon bought for me in Fremantle
  5. Ugly Pink Doll, last yr bday pressie from my sister
  6. Heart Bear piggy bank, my Children's Day present from my tuition teacher 13yrs ago
I got my big tarepanda on my bed cos I hugged it to sleep every night.

It has a very very long history, and I loved it to bits cos it's from my dad and it's a personal triumph from the evilness of my mother. If you haven't heard it before.. i will narrate it some other day. :D Long story but quite interesting.

The past week has been quite.. weird. Cos I kept dreaming about my childhood days and time spent with my family. Freaking weird.. but makes me very nostalgic and miss my family a lot. Well, the old family.. not the changed one.

Okie it seems i've not been blogging much, it's becos I am super busy with work. But now I will learn to let go and be more relaxed, cos I've finally opened my eyes to the ugliness of the world and realized I'm paid too little to be stressing so much. It's bad for my health.
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