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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

5.5yrs together..

5.5yrs together and it seems like we are heading nowhere. We are more like roommates now instead of a couple. It's more of a "tolerate and lash back when provoke" kind of thing with me. We work opposite hours so I don't have to see him until the weekends or before I go to work in the morning when he comes back. It's good to have the whole bed to myself during the night.

We made up today cos we don't wanna waste time arguing anymore.. We spent the whole of Sunday at home not talking to each other. Me in my room and him in the living room.. Considering how freaking small the house is, that's no mean feat. He even slept on the couch on Saturday night which is such a common thing, I don't even care anymore.

And by made up I don't mean those kiss and make up kind. It's more like a truce of him begging me not to ignore him anymore cos I can be a super mean bitch and treat him like a invisible speck of dust for long period of times even when we are living together. I think it's a talent honed from young by ignoring stupid or annoying people so I won't be tainted by their stupidity or get so worked up that I will get high blood pressure or something.

I don't know why we have such intense arguments sometimes (or extreme cold wars). Usually it's just me ignoring him for up to weeks on end because he is so fucking obstinate, irritating & petty. Seriously.. it's like a 5yr old boy trapped in a grown man's body. I forgot how many times I've yelled at him to GROW UP because it's so fucking annoying to deal with his inane tantrums and crazy delusions & insecurities. I think he has mummy issues. Whatever. -_-

I always "win" these stupid pointless cold wars and arguments because he's not logical enough to come up with a solid argument or statements to win the fight. He always said I am good enough to be a lawyer.. whatever and accuses me of living for a fight. How "well" he understands me even after so long.. I don't like to argue and I don't have to win everytime.. As long as your statements are logical and make sense, I will accept the logic. And since he is always so emotional and crazy, he always lose lah!

Ok... shall talk about other stuff.

We are going to Paris next Sunday!!

YES! Finally I am able to travel to my dream destination!

I highly suspect he is going to propose to me there because he already bought the engagement ring and he kinda hinted about it. I am still not sure if I will say "Yes".. Quite undecided about the whole marriage thing with him... And with my parents' divorce and my own experiences of knowing people who have affairs and stuff.. this marriage thing is really just a bullshit idea that the modern society doesn't respect anymore. It's like fun and games.. Marriage is supposed to be forever with the one you love and respect but nowadays so many people are getting married for the wrong reasons. (Applying for flat, escaping from parents, unplanned pregnancy, etc). I am not sure if I will buy into this marriage idea unless I am truly convinced that the man is the right one for me because the word "divorce" just doesn't exist in my dictionary. It's "death till us part", not "divorce till us part".

Not really worried that he'll be reading my blog because he stopped reading for so long he actually forgot my blog address. And he's not very tech savvy too.

We are flying on Singapore Airlines and booked our accomodation through Airbnb.com! I am so so so so excited! 2 weeks in Europe! My first time flying so far away (other than Turkey) and I've been dreaming about Paris since forever!

We are spending 1 week in Paris and 1 week in Amsterdam. Why Amsterdam? Cos it's Pipimon's favourite city.. don't ask me why... I would rather go to Italy or Switzerland where there's more beautiful scenery and more to see.. but since I chose Paris, he gets to choose the 2nd city. We are flying in Paris and out Amsterdam and will be arriving in Singapore on 26Nov!

Wayne and Joyce have very kindly agreed to look after Chloe during these 2 weeks! :) So happy cos she will be super duper emo if I have to put her at the groomer's shop for such a long time.

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