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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dip dye purple hair!

I was looking at inspiration for new hair styles cos I am so bored with always doing the same thing for my hair.. time to mix it up a bit but still have to be work appropriate.

Went online to look for ideas and saw some really cool hairstyles/colours. My favourite ones are the purple gradient hair!

Two of my favourite ones are:

Example 1

Example 2

To achieve the effect of example 2, I have to bleach my hair several times to get the light purple and it's super high maintenance cos it fades easily and I have to touch up regularly (super expensive)... so I decided to go for the first one. Just bleach the ends of my hair and if I don't like it I can cover up again the next time with a darker colour. Not much damage done to my hair & pocket.

Le hubby is so sweet to drive me into JB (cos I only trust Elaine from CitySquare's Thomas & Guys). He waited for 2.5hours while I do my hair!! 

First step: Bleach the ends

Second step: Wash & blow dry

Third step: Put on the purple dye!

End result! Tadah!

It's not very obvious though! At some angles it actually looks a bit bluish. Hope it lasts! Elaine says usually it last 2 weeks, 3 weeks maximum if I take good care of it. 

I've read online on how to care for special colour hair like this.. most of the times the number 1 tip that I read is not to wash your hair too often because it will wash off the colour quickly... but the weather in Singapore is so hot! How to not wash my hair everyday? I will dieeeeeeee.... So I just need to wash my hair with colour shampoo & conditioner and not concentrate too much on the purple ends!

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