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Monday, October 20, 2014

Universal Studios Singapore with Wany!

Spent the day at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) with Wany today!

It's my birthday tomorrow and I am planning to go to the Zoo cos it's free admission for birthday people, so Wany took the day off and accompanied to USS for an early celebration! It's her first visit to USS (It's my 5th!) so she's really excited!

Instagram picture! ^___^

We decided to get the 6 months season pass with Universal Express. It's $158 and we can enter USS unlimited times plus cut all the queues! Really value for money considering the adult admission is around $70 and the express pass costs $30-$50 (depending on days) per visit. Top up a bit more and we can come back anytime! Just 2 visits and we can ''earn back'' the cost. #AuntyMax

We also received a Betty Boop magnet each as a sign-up gift... Kinda lame since we don't like Betty Boop. We rather have a lanyard or something which is more practical. We forgot to bring any lanyards and didn't want to buy any cos the designs weren't very nice, so we had to bring it and out from our bags everytime we take a ride. So mafan!! Next time must remember to bring our lanyards!

Since it is my birthday tomorrow, I get an extra pin (Shrek) as a birthday gift. I also received a free cup of popcorn and a discount voucher.

I signed up for the RWS invites cos I get rebate points which can be used to redeem for free parking! $1.50 invites dollars for a whole day (24hrs) parking at RWS! Super worth it! There's also a sign up gift and I chose the Dolphin Discovery package. It's valid for 6 months so I think I am going for it next year after the school holidays.

The last time I came to USS was in February 2012 and there's so many new additions!

There's a new Minion store similar to the one in Hollywood LA.
A whole new wing of Sesame Street!
Yellow cab replaced by the Sesame Street bus!
Wany's favourite.. BIG BIRD!
Lots of Sesame Street merchandise.
The new Sesame Street ride was pretty awesome!
Went for an early lunch at Malaysia Food Street just outside USS
The claypot rice was awesome! The KL noodles and the rojak were super disappointing. Because it's a weekday, the place is super empty! Wany said during the weekends it's crazy packed. Thank God we came on a quiet day!

Went back again and wanted to catch the Magadascar dance show but there's no dancing today! They only came out to take pictures! Why? It's not raining! Did they change the program? *roar*

Walked down to Far Far Away Land and Wany got really excited cos she want to try the "Magic Potion'' from Fairy Godmother Potions.

It was really sweet though. Too sweet for me.
Wany is a huge Gingy fan.

Meimei came to join us for dinner! Together with Le Hubby, Nat & Ray!
Our dinner! All of us ordered the same main course! Haha!
  ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ
 Jasmine's corn cutting service. I can cut them really fast. LOL!
Look at the number of corn we ate! Woooo!
Happy customers of my corn cutting service. Haha!
 My sister baked me a Tofu cheesecake!
♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・
Happy Birthday to me!
Group Picture!

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