Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me.. Happy birthday to me.. Happy birthday to meeeeeeee.. Happy birthday to me! 

Today is my actual birthday! My guests are coming over in the evening so I was busy preparing! But first.. gotta take some time to blog a quick update!

I don't really have any theme in mind so I just went with Totoro cos it is so cute! My sister designed a very cute poster for me! Too bad I didn't had time to go and print it out cos she was busy with work and all.. but it's ok! I am using it here!! ^_^

The location is at NSRCC and I used my Safra card to make a booking for a lower rate. Minimum booking is 2 nights so I booked it from 20-22 October.

Spent the day yesterday washing and moping the whole place cos it is so oily!! I even had to scrub the wooden deck outside.. The cleaning crew really fail big time. 

I invited some friends over last night for a mini BBQ session! 
It's been ages since I had a BBQ and it was fun! 

Some of the food were a bit burnt cos Chef Nathaniel was distracted. =_=

Tadahhh! Party of 6! Hahahahaha!

Wany's mama bought me a cake!! AWWW!! 
Thanks Aunty!!

Wany & her mum stayed over cos there's 2 bedrooms and Le Hubby and I only needed 1 room. Wany had to work today so she went off to work early this morning. Le hubby needed to work too, so it is just me myself and I for now!

Breakfast is leftover birthday cake & chicken porridge that Aunty cooked for me!

Sorting out the prizes for the party games tonight!

The prize redemption counter! 
Exchange game tickets for prizes!!
Most of my prizes are stuff I got from Japan. 
Super super cute stuff! :)

The duckies that will be used for the paper net fishing and my UFO claw machines!

The sure win Mystery Dip games booth!

These buntings are a pain in the ass. So fragile and keeps breaking!

But the end effects is so pretty. AAAHHH!!

Fluffing paper pom pom balls for the decor!
I had a lot more but gave up fluffing the extras cos it is so tedious. 

Just had enough for the corner of the living room. 
Whatever lah. Hahahahaha!

Bunting for the table that will be used for my birthday cake!

Left from Nat and right from Le hubby! <3 p="">

Thank you laogong!

Thank you Nat-san!!

Make the men work. Don't just sit around!! Hahahahaha!

The buffet line is placed outside! 
This will be my backdrop for phototaking!

Tadah! Chio right?? 
I rented this from a seller on Carousell. Much cheaper than buying.

Le hubby cooling down in front of the air-con cos he said he is very hot after setting up the backdrop.

Ok gotta go now! Finally everything is prepared and all we need to do now is to wait for the guests to arrive! Wany took half day leave just for me today and she bought Koi bubble tea for me! Yay!!!! Will update again after tonight with more pictures! :)

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