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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

KL Trip with Pipimon & Nathaniel (24-26Sep)

Went to KL with Pipimon and Nat for 2 nights.. just a short getaway where we had lots of yummy food and just chill.. I don't understand the fascination of coming to KL over and over again.. Pipimon is a man who refuse to leave his comfort zone and it's so freaking boring coming back to the same place eating the same food seeing the same stuff.

Well, this time at least Nat is here so it's more fun! :) We stayed at Westin KL and it's a super nice hotel. Had club access and spent most of our time just relaxing and eating at the club lounge. Haha!

KLCC at night. Love my Sony camera!

Nat is crazy.. bought a super expensive pair of jeans. -_-

Rootbeer float!

Annoying Pipimon photo-bombing me. 

Bought loads of makeup! :)

Doing touristy stuff. LOL!

Got Malaysia flag woah! Mai siao siao! Haha!

Happy us on the train

Nat going crazy at Le Meriden lunch buffet..

I wanna work at Krispy Kreme! (But the pay sucks lah!)

Nat & Pipimon in the coach on the way back

Spent the whole journey back watching "Drop Dead Diva" on Nat's MBP. The show is so funny lah! Hahahahah!

Alright, that's our short KL trip! All the photos are in Facebook. :)

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