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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Staycation at Westin!

Had a 3D2N staycation at Westin Singapore with Le hubby, Nathaniel & Wany from 11-13 July!

It's actually a wrong timing because Le hubby had to work during the weekend so he wasn't there the whole weekend except to sleepover. Also, Nat had a very bad toothache and he was suffering from the pain the whole weekend.

(▰˘︹˘▰) Le sigh. Bad timing bad timing!!

On Friday, Wany & Nat went to check-in the hotel first because Le hubby and I had to work. We met at Vivocity for a quick dinner and movie before heading back to the hotel.

$39 for Transformers 3 is so not worth it. Tsk.

It was so late when we arrived at the hotel that the lobby was deserted! 

We went up to the room and put up the party decors cos it's both of their birthday this month! Hahaha! This staycation is like a celebration for the two of them.

Queen Wany ordering Nat around like her slave again. Hahaha!

Nat! (★^O^★)
Wany! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

On Saturday morning, Nat & I went out for breakfast while Wany had her princess sleep. After breakfast he complained about his toothache getting worst so we went to hunt for dental clinics around Amoy Street. Ended up taking a cab to Tanjong Pagar Plaza to see the dentist.

Went back to the hotel and just nua the whole Saturday away.

I bought some cakes from Chef Yamashita! Yums!

Our room overlooks the pool!

Went for an early swim on Sunday morning!

The pool was empty cos it was only 6am in the morning. Haha!

We were so early we could see the sun rise! Too bad it was blocked by the building.

Only Nat & I swam. Wany was sleeping and Le hubby didn't wanna swim.

Artsy-fartsy shot. Haha!

Le hubby being pensive and all. ~~~

We checked out on Sunday afternoon and left around 2pm. Overall it was not as enjoyable as I wanted because most of the times Le Hubby was not there and it was supposed to be everyone there having fun together. Oh wells.. I hope we can have another staycation together without having missing husbands or toothaches dramas.

Till next time!

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