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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kevin's 1st Birthday Party (Minions Theme)!

It's Kevin's birthday party today! Yayin & Nic's 1st born child who was born on Christmas Day last year. So nice to have a Christmas Baby!

The theme is Minions! Incidentally, Kevin is also the name of 1 of the minions.

Really creative & fun poster!

We decided to have a games set-up with prizes that the players can redeem for.

I had some of my Minions theme party supplies from Le Hubby's birthday party a few years ago, and Wany's sister lent me her super cute Minon popcorn bucket from Universal Studios Japan.

The Party Minions Crew!
Nat & I went to buy Minions themed clothing just for the party!

Group picture with the mummy Yayin! 
She wanted to win the cloud cushion I bought from Perth. LOL!

Nat is in charge of the Penguin game!

Wany is in charge of the paper net fishing game! I think we need to get more ducks.. Seems like the pool is too big.

Yayin & Nic prepared this super cute food placards!

First ones to eat! Heh heh heh!

Minister Lim Swee Say came for the party!

Happy Birthday Kevin!! :)

After the party, Nic & Yayin said we have to start our own party business because all the guests enjoyed themselves very much with the games. After some discussion, I decided to do it part-time since I have been also doing it for my other friends' parties for the past few years. 

I started a new Facebook page for this project! 

You can message me through the app or email me if you wanna find out more details. Our package price starts from $299 onwards inclusive of manpower, game booths and prizes! :)

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