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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Number76 Salon (Orchard Gateway)

Number76 Singapore
Orchard Gateway #02-23
277 Orchard Road Singapore 238858
Tel: 6385 6776

Picture taken from their website

I went to Number76 Salon today to colour and cut my hair before my Japan trip! Also just in time for Chinese New Year since I will be back in Singapore with just a short period before it's CNY and all the salons would have been fully booked or packed.

My usual hairstylist is still Elaine from City Square in JB but I don't have the time to go across the causeway so I decided to do it in Singapore! I am very skeptical about salons here because the ones I been too are either super expensive, super hardsell or gives bad results.

I heard that Number76 has opened their 1st outlet in Singapore so I decided to go there to do my hair! I went to their website to book my appointment and saw that their founder & managing director Daisuke Hamaguchi is in Singapore so I booked an appointment straightaway! He is Cheesie's (a famous blogger in Malaysia) husband and they recently moved to Singapore. I've always seen Cheesie's update on her hair salon visits to Number76 but I did not know it was founded by her husband until recently... Hahahhaa!

The place was packed but not overcrowded like some other salons during the CNY period. I remember going to a famous (not gonna name it) hair salon in Orchard and the hair stylist (director somemore!!) was handling 6 customers at the same time! I mean, multi-tasking is inevitable during peak periods because there are so many people who wants to do their hair.. but 6 people at the same time?? I was neglected, my hair dye was left in for too long, he did a rush job in cutting my hair and I did not enjoy the experience at all. On top of that I had to pay a CNY surcharge! Like WTF!!! 

Green tea & biscuit

Personal items in a bag to prevent any spillage 

Hamaguchi-san is a quiet, soft spoken and unassuming man. He asked me what kind of style and colour I like and I told him I have no preference and leave it to his expert opinion, but I want to keep the length and not go too short. 

He cut off a lot of my hair but managed to maintain my length. This is just a bit of what fell on my lap. There's a lot on the floor. The funny thing was he actually asked me "do you want to tabao?"when he saw me playing with the hair that was snipped off. LOL! 

I was like "Ehhh.. no need! no need!" (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Selfie time!

In total I paid SGD326.40 after a 25% discount. Considering it's a haircut from a director, colour plus an ultrasonic iron treatment, and a few weeks before CNY... I think it's quite reasonable.

I didn't like about the salon is the shampoo area. The chairs are so high and they are automated. It's so awkward lying there waiting for the seat to be reclined up and down... also it's very open and if you are wearing a skirt you have to cover up with the blanket but it's still weird lah. I wished they have a more private design for the shampoo area... And maybe it's the CNY peak period cos I was served by different people for shampooing, blow hair and only Hamaguchi-san did the hair cut and colouring. I would prefer the same person doing everything from start to finish.

Overall I had a good experience. Hamaguchi-san even gave me a few sample sized bottles of Shiseido shampoo & conditioner which are selling for very expensive if I buy the full sized bottles. ~ヾ(^∇^)

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