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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Wany's 30th Birthday Party

It's Wany's 30th birthday yesterday!! I've known her for 17 years already.. more than half of our lifetime! OMG!!!!! Wany don't usually do parties for her birthdays. Actually.. come to think about it, the last time she had a birthday party was during her 21st. Hahahahahaha!

She decided to have a party for her 30th and she spent so much time, effort and money on it! She decided on Little Mermaid which is a no-brainer cos she's a Little Mermaid fan. She also likes Kuromi, Kerokeropi and her current ultimate favourite is Kumamon.. but she decided on Little Mermaid cos it's her childhood favourite. However it's not that easy to find party supplies in Singapore. It's either not very well-made or very expensive (cos they ship in from overseas). Luckily I happened to be in Perth during May and found some very nice Little Mermaid themed party decorations, plates and balloons at Big W which didn't cost a lot! And she was in Japan a few months ago and bought a lot of Little Mermaid themed items for the door gifts and prize booth.

After travelling so often, we all realise that things in Singapore are overpriced. There are certain things that are cheap here but a lot of things are expensive because the sellers have to import them from overseas. Can't blame them cos of the freight costs, rental & staff costs.. But it sucks having to pay 2-3 times the original price for something that we know we can get cheaper elsewhere. #Aunties So we seldom shop in Singapore anymore.. in fact I think it's been years since I bought shoes, clothes, bags, and a lot of other stuff in Singapore. It makes more sense to save the money, go on a holiday then buy your stuff there. Or find ways to buy online and ship them in from overseas. But if I really need something urgently then bobian, just have to pay more to get it locally. 

For the location, she wanted Crowne Plaza Changi cos of last year we celebrated Le Hubby's birthday there and she love the suite that I booked for him. It's big, has beautiful daylight cos of the windows and it's suitable for small parties because there's enough sitting for around 10-12 people. The location is good cos it's near the MRT station and there's a NTUC at the basement to buy drinks! 

For the balloons, we bought the numbered (30) balloons & stars balloons from Give Fun. Paid them extra to inflat the Little Mermaid balloons I got from Perth. Previously I always go to the giftshop at Nex Mall cos I was staying nearby, but Give Fun is cheaper and the parking is not such a pain in the ass. To make the number 30 stay side by side, you have to use tape to stick them in the middle. If not it will just keep swaying around and it's hard to get a nice photo of it.

For the food, Wany ordered the mini buffet from Neo Garden.They delivered to the hotel lobby and we just need to bring it up and display it on the table. The suite has a nice long table in the living area plus a big round table which we used as a dessert table. For the drinks we put them in the pantry so everything is very compartmentalized and neat, just the way we like it. I highly recommend the King Suite at Crowne Plaza Changi for small parties!


Wany is so lucky that my sister is in Singapore during her birthday so she's the designated baker for the party! She made everything! The cake, seashell macaroons and jellies!

The seashell macaroons are awesome! Salted caramel flavour!!!! Super love!

We had games for the party guests! 

Didn't managed to take pictures of the other games cos I was busy with the preparations.. but luckily Nat managed to take a photo of the prize booth which we set up in the walk-in closet! Hahahahahaha! Love the suite! Even got a shelf for us to display our prizes. Wheee!

So many presents!!!!! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

Had a really fun time helping out with Wany's party! I really love parties and organizing parties. Maybe one day I'll set up my own party planning services! Meanwhile if anyone need party advice please email me ok? I will be more than happy to help! o(≧∇≦o)

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