Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Singapore National Day Parade 2016

ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪ HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!!!!!!!!

Downloaded the NDP app and added in the stickers for this photo because a lot of photo-bombers at the back. Hahahahahaha! Everything someone in front of us whips out the camera for a selfie I try to hide my face cos I don't wanna appear in other people's selfies (as much as I can).

Back in June I received an SMS informing me that I managed to successfully ballot for 4 actual day tickets and I thought it was a scam because there are so many weird scams in Singapore lately.

I went to Kallang Wave Mall and verified with one of the ushers that the SMS was legitimate and we queued in line for 1hr10mins for the tickets!! There were 3 queues, leftmost is the 1st preview, middle lane is the 2nd preview and the queue I was in on the righ is for the actual day.

 The tickets! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

They were selling these limited edition Nets flashpay cards for $15. I didn't buy them but Mama Chew bought them for me when she went to collect the 2 tickets that Papa Chew won. Yes! 6 tickets for our family! Lucky or what!!! :) We wanted to go together but Pam had to go overseas for work so Mama Chew invited one of her friend to go with them. We got 2 different colour zones, so Le Hubby and I took the 2 tickets that Papa Chew had and gave them the 4 that I had.

It's held at the Singapore National Stadium and it's sheltered! There's also cool air blowing out near our feet so it's great compared to the old stadium that was demolished. Only sucky part is we cannot see the fireworks live from inside the stadium because of the domed roof. We had to see it on the screens which kinda defeats the purpose cos the main highlight of the parade is the fireworks and what's the point of getting tickets and being inside when we have to watch the fireworks on the screens? We can only hear it live. Kua kua kua. 

I like the interactive feature of the wristbands!

Le hubby said the wristband light technology is very old (to him more than 1 year is old) and a lot of stars (e.g: Taylor Swift) holding concerts in USA are already using this. Then when he came home, he dismantled the wristband to see what's inside! He's always doing weird things like that. Whenever he dismantles something he will show it to me and expects me to be as excited as him at the wiring and mechanisms inside. Ehh.. -___- I try to show interest lah but it's really alien to me. 

I'm thankful to be able to get the tickets because this year is the 1st time it's being held in the new stadium! And it's also my first NDP parade together with Le Hubby! At first he didn't want to go cos he said it's too hot and he don't like to be hot. Thing is, he always complains that he never get to watch NDP live before and he never ever wins any tickets. This year we have tickets to go and he didn't want to go! Why so contradicting one!! He finally decided to go when I reminded him how he kept complaining that he never get a chance to go and when God blessed us with the tickets, he don't want to go!?!? (-_-) He reluctantly agreed to go but he was glad he went cos it wasn't as hot as he imagined it will be (since it's sheltered). He also agreed that the fireworks was a let down but the rest of the parade was really well done.

I read in the news that 15% of budget for this year's NDP is spent on renting the Stadium, which is 3 times higher than the floating platform at Marina Bay or Padang!! Personally I think they should move it back to Marina Bay or Padang cos it's cheaper plus there's a better view of the fireworks there.

Hope I can win tickets again next year! :)

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