Monday, July 23, 2012

My beauty stash

I had to take stock of my toiletries because I realised I buy too much of the same stuff and I don't have enough of other stuff. I believe in having a spare for everything instead of going out to buy it when it finishes or when I run out of it in case I don't have time or there's no stocks. I threw out some of my expired products and took a list of the stuff that I need to buy to stock up..

All the stuff in my drawer..

I have 5 brand new Dior Addict lip glow!
I found one in my bag that was barely used.. so I have 6!

6 compact powder!
I found another 2 after I took this picture, so I have 8!

I have a lot of duplicates of other stuff. Posted them on Twitter and my friends said I have OCD. I do not have OCD lah! I just like to be prepared!! Hahahahaha!!

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