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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Papa Chew's Birthday!

I am gonna call le bf's dad as Papa Chew and his mother as Mama Chew from now on. Not in front of them, but when I refer to them in my blog. ^_^ It's like Papa Smurf and Mama Smurf! Heee!

Ok.. it's Papa Chew's birthday next week but they are having an early celebration for him Holiday Inn's Xin Cuisine.

Apparently, le bf did not inform his parents that I was going cos his parents were surprised when they saw me at the restaurant (we arrived separately) cos they remembered I had to work on weekends and did not want to take leave specially to join them. But they were glad I can join -- Mama Chew couldn't stop smiling. Hee! I managed to get today off cos one of my colleague swapped her shift with me for her holiday. YAY! 

I asked him why he did not tell his parents and he said he forgot if he did inform them.. but given Mama Chew's good memory, I think it's le bf who forgot. Haha!

Anyways, we had the set lunch and it's 1 for 1! So including me that's 6 persons! Just nice! :) 

Starter: Roast Pork Belly, Jelly Fish & Smoked Duck

Sea cucumber stuffed with prawn, mushroom and veggies

Cheese baked lobster 
I gave this to le bf cos I don't eat lobsters.

Papa Chew and le bf~
Cheryl, Pamela (with her "Not Bad" face) and Mama Chew
Pam was looking at the present I got for Papa Chew. Haha!

3 of them bought a very nice classical album for him from High Society.

I bought him a pair of cuff links that's shaped like golf clubs. Super cute! Wany helped me out cos I did not have time to go and shop. She is my personal shopper! Poor girl had to take pictures of almost the whole shop for me. Thanks Wany!

Papa Chew and his presents!

He is so funny! They asked him to guess what they bought for him and he's guessing "Headphones?" and some other things that are super non-related to the shape and size of the object. All of us were having a great time laughing when he's trying to guess what it is because he's honestly clueless and it's so endearing! :)

Group shot with the family~

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wanwen said...

My dear, there's no Mama Smurf in Smurfs! Smurfette is the only girl in them, the rest are blue boys! Hehehe!