Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Longest time away from Chloe!

My roommate Sharon helped me look after Chloe when I flew to Los Angeles on 3rd Jan. She needed to go to Malaysia on 13Jan, so I had to put Chloe at my groomer's shop for 8days before I return back to Singapore on Monday 21Jan..  I've never left her alone for so long before! The longest was 11 days when I went to Europe.. this time was 19days!

Chloe was very happy to see me at first...

 Then she remembered I 'abandoned' her for 2 weeks++ than she started sulking.

 I bought her a treat rubberball from Petmart in Las Vegas..
She broke the previous one cos it was made of plastic.
I will put her fave biscuits inside and she'll roll it around till they drop out.

For the past few days she's been ignoring me..
Preferring to sleep outside Sharon's room than be with me. :(
But she'll get over it in a few days.. She always does. 

See her accusing judgmental look?
"How dare you go holiday for so long and leave me alone!?"

My groomer cut off her ponytail and gave her a doll face hairstyle cos it was weird to have a long ponytail with a short coat body.. I've never had her without her ponytail since her puppy days, so it's kinda weird and needs getting used to.

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