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Monday, January 28, 2013

Singapore Airlines' Anniversary Cake

14th January 2013 was our 1 year anniversary! How time flies..!! Can't believe it's a year since we got together when he proposed to me in Bangkok, asking me to be his girlfriend.

Our flight back from LA to Singapore was on 14Jan and due to time difference, we will only arrive in Singapore on 16Jan, so we can't have a celebration on the actual day.. We bought each other gifts before the actual day though! I got him an awesome gift and he bought me a Pandora bracelet. 

Can't believe we are back for 2 weeks already!! Missing USA terribly! :(

Well, it was crazy cold but at least I can cuddle up with Le bf every night! We've been on many holidays but this was the best one cos we were all the way at the other end of the world, just the two of us.. I fulfilled so many of my childhood dreams & wishlist (Disneyland, Celine Dion concert, Grand Canyon). It was a fantastic trip and everyday I will get flashbacks of the happy memories we had that. 

I'm starting my night shift next Monday and it's gonna be tough to meet up with Le bf almost everyday like we did for the past 6 months, where I finished work at 3pm and can go to his place for dinner and spend time with him. 


Anyways, a few weeks before we fly to LA, I called Singapore Airlines and requested for an anniversary cake on the way back, because we will be spending our 1st year anniversary onboard the plane.

You can call them to request for birthday cakes, honeymoon cakes, anniversary cakes, minimum 48 hours before your flight. Either from departure city or returning back to your departure city.

It was a surprise and I did not tell Le bf about it.. So he was kinda taken aback when on the flight en-route from Los Angeles to Narita (Tokyo), the leading stewardess and another crew came over to our seats to wish us "Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs Chew" and presented us with a cake and 2 glasses of champagne. :)

By the way, we are not married yet lah.. We did not secretly get married in Las Vegas like a lot of people thought. Haha! I just requested for an anniversary cake and they assumed we were married already.

 They even put dry ice cos no candles are allowed onboard. ^_^

They even went one step ahead and wrote us an improvised card!

Special wishes from the lovely crew!
I wrote a special compliment feedback for them cos they were so sweet and attentive! :)

We couldn't finish the cake so they tabao it for us! ^_^

My first cake onboard a flight and I'm glad Le bf enjoyed the surprise, though the cake was toooo sweet for our liking. Well, it's from US anyway.

I hope I won't procrastinate too long about the USA trip blog entry. Haha! I have so many holidays that I am so lazy to blog about all of them. #FirstWorldProblem 

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