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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ready for USA!

Le Couple is jet-setting off again!

It's been 6 months since we last travelled! Our last trip was in July to Perth and I'm dying inside waiting for 3Jan to come cos we are flying off tomorrow morning and we are heading to Los Angeles! YAY! Le bf has to attend a exhibition in Las Vegas so I am tagging along too! I wanted to skip this trip cos it costs a bomb and I calculated we'll spend at least $15000 on this trip (with minimal shopping), but he offered to pay my air tickets for me! We'll be splitting the costs for the hotels and I got some good discounts with my company. :)

So excited that the day has finally arrived! We planned this trip for months and kept it a huge secret cos what's the first thing people will say when you tell them you are going to USA?


No way are we helping people to buy stuff.. Cos this is strictly a work trip plus some free days for me to go Disneyland & Universal Studios. We won't have enough time to shop and I don't want to be burden with the responsibility to help other people buy stuff that they are too cheap to afford. You want something, you either buy it online (so many websites offer forwarding services), buy it in the stores in Singapore or fucking fly there yourself and buy. Don't bother others on their holiday, paid with their own money, with your fucking stupid shopping list.

I really really dislike people asking me to buy stuff when I go overseas. No. I fucking hate it. Why? Cos they are all ungrateful cheapo bastards.

They will throw me a list and ask me to help them find without considering my time, effort and opportunity cost of doing something else on my holiday paid with my own money instead of finding stuff you are too cheap to buy for whatever reasons above.

When I come back, I have to deliver to their house if the items are too heavy cos they will give me a fucking million excuses why they cannot come my house and take it. Also, some will say "I pay you on my next pay day ok?". Or will nitpick the exchange rate with me and pay me less than what I paid the item for. These fuckers never give me money to bring there to buy, expect me to use my money first and then delay payment + give me less than the exchange rate?!!?

Usually I use my credit card if I am helping someone buy something because I don't bring that much cash when I go overseas for safety reasons, and these fuckers never give me money in advance. When I come back, they will pay me based on the internet exchange rate instead of my credit card rate. See, they don't understand that even money changers don't offer that rate cos they need to earn commission!

For example, USD1 = SGD1.21 on the internet, but the banks are charging around USD1 = SGD1.27! Every SGD0.06 counts. Imagine an item that's USD100? That's SGD6 of loss that I have to bear, plus I had to waste my time to hunt for it, buy it, pack it and use up my luggage space for it.

So tell me why must I waste my time, effort, luggage space and money to help people who don't give a fuck about my feelings? Who don't even talk to me during normal times when they don't need my help? Who don't even appreciate my effort?

I cannot repeat and emphasize enough how much I hate people asking me to "help them" buy stuff. Why don't you help me and just fuck off I say. Just fuck off.

But to avoid offending people, Le bf and I decided the best policy is "Silence is Golden". We will not tell anyone about our trip except our family (in my case, my sister) and we will not take on any shopping list request.

People who matter to us actually told us "Don't need to anyhow buy things" when we offered to get them stuff from USA.. Like my sister, Mama Chew, etc. People who are just Hi-bye friends are the assholes that demand a lot from you even though they are nothing more than assholes who are cheapo bastards. Yes, I repeated many times already.. CHEAPO BASTARDS! *stomps feet*

We've been saving up and slowly changing Singapore dollars into US dollars.. My company offers good exchange rates once a month for employees and the rates are quite close to the internet rates.

Our whole pile of cash that we are bringing!

Separated into different denominations.

All of them are the same size, same length.. Only different colours. We are paying for the hotels in cash to save on the exchange rates charge by credit cards, so we changed more than we normally would. I have prepaid some of the hotels that was booked through my company, but we still have to pay for majority of the hotel stays when we are there.

America is a tipping country, so I prepared small angbaos with USD3 in them to tip the valets, etc. I only have 6, so the rest of the people I shall just give cash.

Asked my sister which boots to bring along and she chose the white Mickey boots! :)

For once my luggage is half empty! 
So proud of myself cos this is a 2 weeks trip and usually I'll overpack!

My trusty Lojel luggage that has travelled the world with me! :)

Mama Chew is gonna fetch us to the airport tomorrow morning! We are flying on Singapore Airlines and there will be a 1hr transit stop in Tokyo! Wooo! So happy cos I can buy japanese tidbits to snack on! Yay!

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