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Friday, April 4, 2014

Snorkelling & Sunset Dolphin Cruise [Our Honeymoon in Maldives, Part 3/4]

Part 3 of my honeymoon blog series!

There's a lot of activities you can do at Gili Lakanfushi. You can go for sandbank picnics, snorkelling, diving, private island lunch/dinner, go for a relaxing spa, watch a movie in the Jungle Cinema, swim in the beautiful pool, wine & chocolate tasting.. etc etc etc. 

We did a few of those activities but our favourite was going snorkelling & the sunset dolphin cruise!

Considering how much I loathe the sun because it makes me tan, it's surprising that I spend time outside the air-con room. Well, I guess it's really stupid to be paying so much money to go and hide in the room and read books on my Kindle right? 

I finished an entire bottle of sunblock during our stay but I still got tanned by the "Maldavian Sun". Le hubby loved the tan, I hated it.. thankfully it has already disappeared now.

On one of the days we booked a snorkelling excursion and went swimming with the sharks! We took the boat out to another island with a nicer coral reef. We sat on the roof of the boat which is made of soft waterproof material. Super comfortable and fun to sit on the top while the boat speeds along! This is also the same boat which will bring us for our Dolphin watching cruise! More on that later..

Since I am seldom out in the sun, must take more pictures for keepsake! Haha!

Le hubby jumping off the boat! *whoosh*

Le hubby floating around...
He's actually not a very good swimmer and I had to drag him along. Haha!

Le hubby didn't even managed to see any fishes properly! Why? He couldn't wear his specs with the googles and the silly boy refused to wear contact lenses. So all the time when we were in the water, everything was just a blur.. He only managed to see what I saw when I played back the videos on the camera which I used to record the fishes.

So that's the one and only time we went snorkelling cos I didn't wanna go alone and I think it's pointless for Le hubby to be seeing blurred blue stuff. It's our honeymoon! Both of us should enjoy doing things together. He went along with me cos he knows I like fishes even though he can't see anything clearly nor swim very well. (´∀`)♡

Well, during one of the days I did to swim out from our villa to attempt to reach the hammock in the middle of the sea.. which looks quite near our villa but is actually a 800m swim away. I swam barely 100m from the villa and my googles suddenly broke! Damn suay TTM! But I took it as a sign from God not to go swimming alone because during that 5mins, I had this nagging feeling that I should turn back and it's a bad idea to swim alone in the open sea and the waves were quite strong....Well, I ignored the nagging feeling then my perfectly working + good quality googles broke. Immediate sign or what? Le hubby was sitting at the veranda of the villa so he can keep an eye on me if I needed any help. When I swam back he was so worried cos I stomped back up the stairs with a super upset face. Heh!

On the 3rd day we went for a sunset dolphin cruise. The boat went out quite far before we managed to see a pod of dolphins. They are quite shy cos there are several boats from different hotels around the area looking for them.. but we managed to catch a glimpse of them. Didn't manage to get any good shots because the water was really rough as there's a storm coming. It rained super heavily halfway and we had to leave early because the winds and waves were really scary.

The water is so blue and so deep out there.. mixed feelings of wonder, awe and fear. There's so many beautiful creatures living in the ocean. There's so much water around but they cannot be drank. What if humans can drink sea-water? Will the ocean be depleted for our own selfish needs? #sidetrack

Can you spot the "One Palm Island" behind us? 
It's a man made island for private picnics and meals.

Had a glass of fruit punch which were actually meant for children.. haha! Both of us don't like to drink alcohol. I don't like the smell & taste, and Le hubby only drinks when he has to during social events. We declined the champagne but the Caucasians were drinking like fish. 

Beautiful sunset behind us!

My Sony camera can't capture the beauty that my eyes could see..

Didn't bring my DSLR (which is rotting in the cupboard by the way.. It's been unused for 2yrs+!) cos it was too bulky. Kinda regretted because we could have taken nice pictures, but Le hubby's new waterproof Fuji camera he bought from Tokyo last July was a safer & more convenient choice.

Looking at my honeymoon pictures made me kinda sad and wistful. I enjoyed my time there tremendously just chilling without the need to stress where to go next and how to get to the next location. Best of all, I was at one of my skinniest weight in recent years! Well, I was sick then that's why I lost weight.. I've gained back so much weight since moving in with Le hubby and his family and not working for 5 months! 3 meals a day, ample sleep & rest, little activity makes me a fatty bom bom wife. I've started work at a new company but I am not losing weight cos there's access to so much yummy food around my office!!!!! I've gained at least 8kg since my wedding day. Sigh. I think I will be ultra fat next time when I have a baby cos I have all sorts of weird food cravings & food binges my entire life.. imagine what will happen when I am pregnant? 2 buckets of KFC a day!?!  #summertimesadness

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