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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Teppanyaki & Robatayaki lunch at Mikuni, Fairmont Singapore

We went for lunch at Mikuni which is located at Fairmont Singapore. It is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in Singapore. We seldom dine there cos it's quite expensive. Though Le hubby has the Amex Platinum card which gives us 50% off when we dine there together, a set lunch for two person will stilll set us back over $100 even after the discount. 

( ≧Д≦) During our pak-tor days we can go out as often as we like and splurge on food.. now after getting married we have to be more practical and save the money on other stuff.... like holidays! Ok ok, more practical stuff like our future home or future baby. 

There wasn't anyone at the Robatayaki counter when we visited.. so it's like we booked the whole little room to ourselves. Very quiet & private. The japanese waiter serving us actually remembered us from our last visit! It's super amazing cos the last time we came was in August last year!! 

You can choose from two different lunch set menus. See here for the menu. We usually order one from each menu so we can share. Also there's some stuff (sashimi, etc) I don't eat so Le hubby can eat those. Heh heh! I am so blessed that he is a super non-fussy eater! 

 Starters! Chawanmushi, salad & crackers.

 I love the Hokkaido butter scallop & the cod fish!

 The golden prawns, corn, chicken & beef skewers are all good! 

 This is some weird prawn in seaweed thingy.. 
Le hubby likes it. I find it too slimy.

 Miso soup & garlic fried rice!

 The Unagi roll is not included in the menu, but Le hubby always orders it cos it's super yums.

 I don't like this noodle dish.. too fishy for me.

The best dish is the beef!! WOOOO!!

 Dessert! Somethings it's ice-cream.. but I love the pudding the most!

 Super smooth and yummy!!!

 Chocolates to end the meal! :)

 Two happy & satisfied diners!

 This lobster was sitting right in front of us on top of the ice.

Le hubby kept staring at the lobster and he felt so sorry for it cos it's alive.. it's just sitting there helplessly waiting to be someone else's meal.... I had to kept telling him to stop staring at the lobster cos it's just so weird! But luckily lobster meat is not in the menu or he'll be very sad. 

I wanna go to Japan for Japanese food! We are planning for a trip to Japan the end of next month with my sister when she flies back from Los Angeles and transit in Tokyo. One more month to go! Yay!! I've not seen her since January and I missed her!! 

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