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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Universal Studios Japan

My sister is SUPER hardworking and she has a epic long post about our visit to Universal Studios Japan.. so I suggest reading her entry instead cos I am not that hardworking and most of the pictures are in her camera too. Hahahhaha!

Her blog entry can be found here. Anyways I am going to cut and paste some of her entry here cos she did so much research and homework on USJ! 

The entry for Universal Studios Japan is 6980¥ for adults, inclusive of tax (~$85 SGD). The Universal Studios entry prices in Asia are relatively cheaper than that in the States..

- US Singapore: $74 SGD
- US Japan: $85 SGD
- US Hollywood: $109 SGD
- US Orlando: $120 SGD

The lucky girl has visited all 4 Universal Studios in the world!!!! I only went to 3! :( I really want to go to Orlando's because of the Harry Potter ThemePark! *screams* USJ will be opening their Harry Potter attraction next month.. WHY OH WHY!!!! So I guess the next best alternative will be to come back to Osaka again since it's so much nearer compared to Orlando.

I booked our accommodation at Hotel Keihan Universal City, which is just a 5 mins walk away from USJ. The service is awesome and the room was bigger than expected. I booked the family room so we had 1 queen bed + 1 single bed for the sister. We arrived early, so we left our luggage there and zoomed off to USJ!

Mandatory globe shot with le sister!

We bought the express passes so we didn't have to queue! Heh!

Slurpee for a hot day! Yums!

One of my favourite rides is the Space Fantasy!

Succumbed to the tourist trap and bought a picture! Haha!

I really wanted to go on the JAWS ride but unfortunately it was closed. Hai. #summertimesadness So we went to the shark model and took a picture with it instead. Hahahhahahaha! The photographer is so funny cos when he snapped our picture, he roared like a dinosaur (I know right, no link!) and run towards us like Godzilla. LOLOL to the max lah!

Super excited when we saw the baos! Woohoooo!

I got the Hello Kitty pau just to take a picture with it.

Le hubby & Le sister were tasked to eat it up. LOL!

My favourite part of the park is the Sesame Street land! 

My favourite new character... MOPPY!
So happy to see it around the park. Squish squish!

Wasted a lot of money trying to win a Elmo toy for my sister. I spent enough to buy her 2 dolls or something. But unfortunately they don't sell the prizes... (smart move) so we can't buy it even if we want to. The girl was smiling cos I guess I amuse her by my screaming & booing that the game is rigged cos she don't understand English. Hahahahahahhaha!!!

Picture with silly hats! I think the Snoopy one is super cute lah!

I bought the Big Bird doll for Wany as part of her birthday present!

I kept wiggling them and saying "的" and my sister had to ask me to behave.
Super love the decorations cos it's Easter theme! Everything is sooo yuan yuan de! Wah whee! And when we stumbled onto a land that was getting pinker and pinker as we walked in and it's HELLO KITTY!!!!!!!!! We saw this attraction called "Hello Kitty House" and I wasn't really interested but since the wait-time was only 5mins and the girl standing at the entrance was so friendly, we walked in to give it a look see.

BOY AM I GLAD WE WENT IN!! Cos we saw Hello Kitty and she hugged me! WAHHH! SO HAPPY!!! They asked for my name at the entrance, so when we went in, another girl said "Hello Jasmine! Hello Kitty is waiting for you!". When we saw Hello Kitty, she said "Hello Jasmine! I am Hello Kitty!". OMG I kept shrieking in happiness!

And of course I bought all the pictures that we took! So happy! The quality is very good and it's quite reasonably priced too!

Afterwards we were so hungry we walked around trying to find food. OMG! We nearly died of hunger because all the restaurants were closed after 3pm! LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF!!!?!?!?! We wanted to avoid the lunch crowds so we decided to have a late lunch after 3pm but when we went to the restaurants, everywhere had a "closed" sign! Omg.

Hello Kitty cafe closes at 3pm too. KNS!

Stumbled onto SnoopyLand and thank God the Snoopy cafe was still opened!

Cheong in for our lunch!!!!

I ordered the pasta set cos the container was so cute! I cannot resist!

The staff is so funny!! Love her so much! She asked "where are you from?" and when I said "Singapore!", she went "OOOOOOH! SINGAPORE-RU! AHHHHHHH!!!!" and she gave me a super cute pose! Awwwwwwwwww.

Bought a Snoopy cheesecake just to take a picture of it. LOL!

Look at the cup! Awwwwww.. And the table!!

Hello cute little container for my pasta!

Bought this overpriced Hello Kitty sundae because of the cute cup. Too bad the syrup is covering the Hello Kitty's face.

HelloKittyLand and SnoopyLand were just beside each other. 
Really happy to be able to try the Back to the Future ride!

The world famous Delorean!

The date for 2015 is actually on my birthday next year! I wonder what will happen next year when it's 2015.. will they change the ride since it's not "the future" anymore? If you watched the movie, I think you'll also be wondering that the future is not as futuristic as the movie portrayed it to be. No flying cars, no flying skateboards and no self-cleaning jackets.. Though we have some cool stuff that was invented in the past 30 years.

I didn't buy much stuff from USJ. Well, I tend to overspend in Japanese themeparks but I controlled myself cos my sister & Le hubby were there. My sister will frown at me and tsk tsk at my spending. Le hubby won't complain but I feel guilty lah.. though I am spending my own money.

Here are my loots from USJ!

I got the Hello Kitty cushion and soap dispenser for JPY500 (SGD6) each! So damn lucky! Me and my sister passed by the Hello Kitty lucky dip stall and I told her I really want the cushion so I am gonna try my luck. She was quite hesitant about me trying cos there were many items there, and though it's sure win.. it doesn't mean I can draw the coupon with the cushion. Well well, I got it at first try! WOOHOOO! And I bought another coupon for her to try.. telling her I want the mug or the soap dispenser.. and she got the soap dispenser! Wahahahahha! Lucky or what? God loves me!!!

Really happy with my Moppy popcorn bucket too! Pretty & Useful!

My sister is tasked with carrying the bucket (and eating the popcorn). This picture was taken at the Universal City train station where we were waiting for the train to bring us to Kyoto! Had a really fun day in Kyoto today, though Le hubby didn't enjoy the walk up to Kiyomizu-dera because of all the mainland China tourists.. Oh wells. And the weather was crazy hot too.

Gonna nap a while before we head out for our dinner! Gonna have an awesome dinner tonight! Will update soon! :)

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