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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My brother's 22nd birthday

It's my brother's birthday today!

We went for dinner at Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place. My brother's girlfriend was there too but she had to leave early because her sister had some medical emergency.

The meal costs me $200++!! (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

It's not fair to make Le hubby pay cos they are my family members, so I paid for it by myself. This is one of the reason why I seldom go out with my mother and siblings because I end up paying for everyone. 

My mother thinks I am loaded but it's not true! (¬▂¬)

My sister baked him a chocolate cake! She also made the bunting! So sweet! :) I am going to start a new label "Miffybakes"for her baking stuff. She's very into baking now and she's actually quite good. She's been baking a lot recently and she even works part-time to learn more about baking!

I had a baking craze 10 years ago but I've grown out of it.. Haha!! I call myself "Baking Fairy"and made my sister bring all my creations to school to feed her friends. Now all my free time is spent on window shopping online on USA websites (cos everything in Singapore is overpriced), and sleep. Sleeping is a luxury when you are an adult.

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