Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve Countdown at USS!

Happy New Year everyone! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

I took the day off tomorrow so I can have a super long weekend! My boss let us leave the office anytime after 12pm yesterday so technically it's a 4.5 days off this week for me! Woohoo!

Usually during New Year's eve I'll stay home and vegetate. Most of the time I will even sleep through the countdown. You know, "sleep and wake up next year".. Haha! I don't drink, I can't dance and I hate squeezing with people.. so I rather stay at home.

However this year is different! I read about USS's Neon Countdown and since we all had the USS season passes, I asked the members of the #USSMiniClub if they would like to join Le hubby & me to countdown together at USS and all of them agreed to go! Yipppee! So last night we went to Universal Studios for the countdown. I felt so proud of myself for being "hip"and not hide at home like I always do.. Hahahahaha! (And I think the rest feels the same way too cos we are the nua-people who prefer staying at home then going out).

Cutesy ribbon cos it's party time!
No makeup cos the weather is damn hot.

3 of us had dinner at Chili's while Nat & Ray joined us afterwards.

I really love the food but it's so overpriced.

The complete #USSMiniClub!

It's the first time that all 5 of them goes to USS together! We are always missing at least 1 or 2 members due to schedule conflicts.

Can you tell I am too lazy to add in captions for the rest of the pictures? Heh!

Anyway we had a good time together and it was really cool walking around the park until midnight where there was a fireworks display after the countdown. It's been years since I participated in a public countdown.. and I had fun with the 4 of them! Too bad my sister couldn't join us! :( I will try to psycho her and recruit her into our #USSMiniClub soon so she can join us on our USS adventures!

We've been to USS many times since I signed for the 6 months season pass in October. I bought one for Le hubby as an early Christmas present and we've been visiting USS almost every weekend or every other weekend. Make our money's worth! I bought the ones with Express pass so we don't have to queue for the rides and that's so awesome! I update quite frequently on my Dayre account cos it's much easier than going on my computer and blogging about it here... However I still love my blog and I will never abandon it! (Must have disclaimer if not my sister will protest violently and continue to nag at me to blog).

I am off to enjoy my super long weekend! Happy New Year 2015 everyone! May all your wishes & resolutions come true! :)

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