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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Scottie's 1st month celebration

Say hello to Scott! He is a Christmas eve baby born on 24 December 2014 and is, till date, the heaviest baby delivered at Thomas Medical Hospital. His mother delivered him via natural birth! #respect

He woke up briefly for his milk, then concussed into a milk coma after that.

I carried him for an hour and my arms were aching afterwards cos he is already 5.8kg at 1 month old! Wah so chubby and cute!!

Le hubby and me!

Scott's elder sister, Sophie is already 3 years old! We attended her 1st month celebration back in 2012! How time flies!! I haven't seen her since she was a month old! I follow her updates on her mum's facebook account and she's a really friendly and lovable little girl.

I gave Scott's mother a red packet cos it's the most practical gift since I am not sure what she has or what she doesn't have. As for Sophie, I brought her a gift too! Printed out a polaroid of her and her brother. That way I hope she doesn't feel like all the attention is on her brother and the adults have forgotten about her or neglect her. I am the eldest child and I felt abandoned when my brother was born because everyone was oohing and aahing over the new baby and asking me to shoo away.. I don't want anyone else to have that feeling cos it sucks.

Cakes and red eggs! I really love receiving these but sadly not everyone gives these out anymore. Sweetest moments have improved the packaging! It's getting nicer and cuter now!

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