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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Amos 1st Month celebration

Last month was Amos's 1st month celebration! He is our 2nd cell group baby. His elder brother Asher is our 1st cell group baby. I went to his full month celebration but I am not sure why I did not blog about it! Ah well, I blogged about his 1st year birthday though! :)

My friend Calin is really talented and she made these lovely buntings for the party! 

(-^〇^-) Our present for baby Amos! 

We arrived early and the food is already ready! So efficient!

We went early to help with the decorations. Hahaha! I bought the paper and asked the rest to help me fluff it up. Wanted to do it at home but Calin wanted to see how I do it so I brought the paper there to fold and cut to show her.

Here's the star! Amos! Sooooo chubby!!

Happy 1st month Amos!! May God bless you everyday of your life!

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