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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Update on Chloe!

If you don't already know, Chloe has become a permanent resident in Yishun and she's applying for a citizenship there. She's happily staying there and my Emama loves her to bits (spoils her too much actually) so she refuse to go home with me anymore. 

Well, I am sad to 'lose' her but she is happier there and I cannot deny her happiness. Chloe loves Emama a lot and it's good to have another dog companion (my Emama's male Maltese), especially one that she can bullies.

Whenever I go to Emama's house, she will hand me the nail clipper and scissors to groom Chloe. I can flip her and make her lie on my lap and she will just lie there happily. I am the only one that can make her do this because I trained her since she was just a baby and she trusts that I will do a good job and not hurt her. She's also enjoying the attention lah. Haha!

Chloe sometimes falls asleep while I am grooming her! Hahahaha!

My Emama is standing at the corner admiring how docile she is and how she lets me cut her nails and trim the fur off her paws cos whenever she tries to do it, Chloe will squirm and wriggle away. She even takes videos of me grooming Chloe so she can show her friends how amazing that the little active furball can just lie still and don't move. Lol!

So yup.. Chloe is now living with her and I try to visit as often as I can, not that she misses me when I am gone cos Emama showers so much love & attention on her, living with her is like heaven compared to living with me when I was still single cos she's always alone at home with no one to play with.

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