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Monday, February 8, 2016

Fujiko F Fujio Museum (Doraemon Museum)

I've never been to Fujiko F Fujio Museum and I was really excited to go!

It is very easy to get there! Just take the train to Noborito Station. Once you arrived you can choose to walk there or take the bus. It's a no brainer choice for me.. OF COURSE WE TAKE THE BUS! I guess it will be a nice walk through the neighborhood but time is of the essence! I am travelling with a mushroom king (my husband) who has difficulty waking up in the morning so every minute counts!!

Try to spot Doraemon at the train station!

The bus stop is just located next to the train station. You won't miss it!

We got a pink bus on the way there!

It is not easy getting tickets but they are not sold online or at the museum itself. You will have to buy it in advance at Lawson convenience stores in Japan. The tickets are not open date and you have to pre-select a date & time and it cannot be changed once the tickets are bought. The tickets are open for sale for 2 months on every 30th of the month. So if it's 30th January, the dates available will be for February & March.

The admission fee is not expensive.. in fact it's surprisingly cheap! Only JPY1000 (SGD12.00) per adult and you can stay the whole day inside the museum. You just have to take note of the entry time because if you are more than 30mins late from the entrance time stated on your ticket, you won't be allowed to go in. 

Admission Fee :
Adults and University Students        1,000yen
High School and Junior High School Students 700yen
Children (4 years or older)        500yen

  • *children at the age of 3 or younger are free of charge
  • *tax is included in the admission fee
  • *Maximum 6 tickets are available at each purchasing procedure.
Entry Schedule :
Each day, entrance time is divided into quarterly time-schedule.
(1)10:00 (2)12:00 (3)14:00 (4)16:00

  • *Please note that visitors must enter the museum no later than half an hour within the reservation time schedule.

Luckily for us, Wany went for a holiday to Japan in December so she could help us get tickets in advance! And she did not collect money from us cos she said it's part of our Christmas presents. Thanks Wany!! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Try to spot le hubby!

If your entry ticket is at 10am, do not arrive at 10am! That is so noob! Be there no later than 9.00am! Yes yes, I am very kiasu.. but what to do? Japanese are more kiasu! It was a weekday morning but the queues were all the way to the back when we arrived at 9.20am! And even though they said 10am open, they start opening the doors at 9.45am for people to go in!

** Photo-taking is strictly prohibited in the exhibition areas so you can only take pictures on the top floor where the restaurant and the garden is, and the area outside the theater (where there you can watch a mini animation film / once per visit) and the giftshop.

You will receive these ticket stubs in exchange for the printed tickets from Lawson.

There are many designs available but you cannot choose. 
It's randomly given out.

Each person will also get an audio guide!
(You can choose the language!)

The map will tell you where all the attractions are located at.

The restaurant on the top floor

My recommendation is to CHEONG up to the top floor to have your breakfast first. Just ignore the exhibits and run to the lift and go up to the top floor. We were there at 10.15am and the restaurant is almost full house. After we finish our breakfast at around 11am, there was a long queue outside and the average waiting time was 45mins - 1hr.  After eating breakfast/brunch then you can take your own sweet time to browse through the exhibits.

The food menu!

Dessert menu

Coaster also so cute one!

We ordered a drink each just for the latte art! Unfortunately you cannot choose what design you like so it's totally random. 

Our main courses! I ordered the pasta cos it looks cute (but the taste was meh). I prefer Le Hubby's fried chicken... I might have stolen a few pieces from his plate. Hahahahahaha!


Too excited to drink!

Random things hiding around the corner.

After breakfast we went outdoors! 

There is a little giftshop outside adjacent to the restaurant.

Things you can get from the giftshop!

It's a field with a few really nice photo stops!

I really love this playground! Like a scene from the manga!

Too bad our group picture did not include Doraemon.

We walked to the other side and we can see residential houses!

I spotted Doraemon's sister, Dorami!

Nat likes to secretly take pictures of me. -_-

There is a reading area with lots of manga books and you can read for free.

Giant capsule machine!

The super crowded giftshop!

Super cute biscuit tin!

There were lots of really nice merchandise for sale!
Too crowded to take any pictures though.

Once you exit you cannot go back in again! So make sure you bought everything you wanna buy and saw everything you wanna see before leaving.

Our return bus was blue!

Sitting at the priority seat cos the bus was empty. Heh.

Look at the super cute bell!

Overall I think it is definitely worth your time to go there! I will recommend going for the earliest morning entry at 10am so you can take your time there and go off somewhere afterwards. For us, we went in at 10am then headed to Shibuya for shopping in the afternoon! :)


For more information, visit the official website:

Open Hours :
Days Closed :
Every Tuesday except during the Golden Week(April 29th ~ May 5th) and summer holidays (July 20th ~ September 3rd). The Year-end and New Year Holidays (December 30th ~ January 3rd).
  • *We will announce any other special holidays in advance on this website.
Reservation Required :
Our museum requires reservation so that every guest could thoroughly enjoy the museum. Each day, entrance time is divided into quarterly time-schedule.
(1)10:00 (2)12:00 (3)14:00 (4)16:00

  • *Please note that visitors must enter the museum no later than half an hour within the reservation time schedule.
Location :
2-chome 8-1 Nagao, Tama-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa Prefecture, 214-0023
Transportation Access :
Shuttle bus service run from Noborito Station (Odakyu line or JR Nanbu line)
Approximately 16 minutes of walking from Mukougaoka Yuen station of Odakyu-line
Approximately 15 minutes of walking from Shuku-Gawara station of JR Nanbu line
Please visit our museum using public transportation.

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