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Saturday, February 2, 2013

CNY Lunch with the Chew Clan

Entire Chew Family! :)

Had lunch at Window on the Park at Holiday Inn Orchard Hotel with the extended Chew Family today! I met all of them during Ah Mah's funeral last December (not the best place and time for 1st meetings).

Brendan and his sisters are the eldest cousins, the next one after Pamela is still in Primary School! Now you know why Ah Mah was pressuring the both of us to get married quickly so she can be a great-grandmother..

Papa Chew is the eldest, and he has 3 brothers & 1 sister. We call his sister "Gu Gu" and she came over to my side and told me I look prettier in a dress compared to the time she saw me at the funeral and I should dress like that more often (how can I dress up at a funeral?).. Brendan and his sisters were kinda surprised cos Gu Gu is very reserved and not very out-going.. so for her to come up to me and tell me I am pretty is kinda a big thing. Heehee!

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