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Monday, July 8, 2013

Brendan's Minion birthday party preparations

Le bf is turning 30 this year and it's also his last birthday as a bachelor before marrying me! Last year I celebrated his birthday for him at Royal Carousel with a high tea private party.

This year I am planning the party at my house because it will be the last gathering before I move out and live with him and his family. Also, his birthday party is just 1 week before our wedding so I think it will be a good time for the bridal party to meet up and get to know each other first before the actual day.

Earlier this year when we went to USA, I've already bought some "30th birthday" party supplies, but I wanted a special theme that is not too kiddy yet not too serious... so I decided on having a Minion Party for him! :)

I ordered some Minion related products and party decorations online and shipped them in from USA. The party supplies in Singapore is... *shake head* All the good stuff can only be bought overseas and they are quite cheap compared to Singapore! Only downside is I have to pay shipping fees and sometimes the shipping costs more than the items itself.

I also bought him a Minion t-shirt! :)

Minion Monopoly!
Minion Operation!

Kitty has a new friend!

I've already sent out half the invitation cards (also Minion-themed!) and I'll order the food from the caterer once I have a confirmed head count of the guests who will be attending. Can't wait for his party! It's gonna be fun fun fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the creativity! Can I know which site Can I order this minion? BTW, Congrats and blessed marriage ahead! Cheers, Mich!