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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stomach Flu

Been feeling pain in my tummy and experiencing dizziness.. I didn't recover even after seeing a doctor last week and Le bf got worried so he sent me to Tan Tock Seng today.

Apparently I have gastro-something something and an abnormally high heart-rate so they put me on 2 bags of drip and sent me home with 3 days MC cos I am off on Sunday/Monday. That mean I get 5 days of rest! Yay! Finally I can have a proper sleep because I've been averaging 3-4hours sleep each day, spending 10-14hrs in the office working like a crazy woman.

Le bf wanted to send me to the hospital at 1am straight after my shift ended but I told him to sleep and pick me up at around 7am++ instead because I had to clear up my work for the next few days. Confirm MC, and I want to make sure I clear my pending worklist before going... Can't risk other people messing up my bookings or worst, no one covering my work since everyone is already so overwhelmed with their own work.

I cabbed home after work to bath and Le bf pick me up and drove me to the hospital. Poor boy waited a few hours for me while I was concussed in the observation ward. Afterwards he drove me to his place so I can sleep peacefully (my neighbors are renovating their house) and he just sent me home.

Gonna go back to sleep now~~ Feeling so drained. Good night!

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